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This incidence occurred when I was in 11th class. Since the day I got trashed by three unknown guys for the reason I am still not aware of(read change in view) I started exercising and practicing boxing every day. With course of time I became more stronger than before and by chest and biceps grew massively in size during that period. I don't remember the day when this incidence occurred but it changed people's view towards me. Nearly everyone used to ask me to stay away from mess going around but I had already decided not to back down now. I always knew that the group of guys that use to beat people unnecessarily had a reason to fill other people's mind with fear. And now I have decided to fill there minds with fear. I was returning home from my school and four men were standing just in middle of road blocking all the traffic near Sai Temple. I also stopped there and I asked why they were blocking traffic they asked me to go from another road. I told them the another road will be twice as this road's distance to my home, move aside i'll not take another road. I was standing near them and all of sudden one of them grabbed my tie and they started playing with me by pulling my tie here and there. They were switching hands so that everyone should get chance to play with me. When they stopped playing with me they tapped on my head and said, “take another road”. People around said me not to mess with them just take another way but my mind was set to something else. I removed my tie and put it in my bag I removed by bag from my shoulder and hanged it on my cycle's handle.

Then I went near the guy who hold my tie for the first time, he was sitting on his bike and I kicked him off his bike. Seeing companion fall down other three guys came into action and I was alone fighting four other guys who were nearly 6-8 years elder than me. By the way my aggression was so strong they hardly could stand before my might and soon everyone of them was on ground, I used nearly everything around to beat them including stones, sticks, banner board and their own chains, then I dragged them one by one before their bikes and kicked their bikes to make it fall on their own legs. This incident occurred in front of my school mates, teacher and friends of my brother. After this incident most of my class mates started fearing me, they stopped coming my home and use to talk less with me while in school and tuition. On other hand Shashikant came to my home just to see why I am so strong to beat four guys alone because he was quite impressed. When he came in my room he saw me practicing on my heavy punch bag, he told me he had never seen such kinda punch bag in real but it feels like a movie scene to see me practicing on such a big thing. He then joined OLYMPUS GYM, it is one of the famous gyms of Bhandara and took his own fight training there. Till now they may be thinking that they really messed with wrong guy because rather than making me frightened I filled there minds with fear and after that no one ever touched me again. Four on one,  with win is quite impressive as far as I can think and till date my BEST SCORE.

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