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I was residing in Wardha when in 6th class. I was still a cowardly guy fearing nearly everything outside when alone. Before Wardha I was in Yeotmal where I developed liking for kites. I don't exactly remember from where in Wardha I use to purchase kites but the way to kite-shop was full of dogs. Dogs nearby use to bark at me sometimes but my Dad once told me don't run when dog barks else the dog will bite you so I used to move slowly whenever any of the dog in lane use to bark at me. The real thing is that fear of 14 injections was more than a dog bite. I think it was Saturday when I took Rs.5 from my Mom to purchase kite and rather than purchasing a cheaper one I bought one kite for Rs.5. It was big and beautiful blue colored rocket tailed kite. I was in regular Saturday uniform I.e white shirt, shorts, socks and tennis  shoes. While returning I heard dogs barking very loudly, I turned around and shocked to see a group of dog was running near me (In fact some dogs were chasing other dogs but that time I felt they were behind me). I started running and some of them started chasing me. While running one of them came very near to me and my kite got torn. I became so angry that I lifted up my right leg and kicked the dog and pressed his head against the ground. In feat of anger I forgot I am surrounded by group of dogs but suddenly I got my senses and looked around, all the dogs that were chasing me were standstill. They were making groaning sound but no one was ready to come near me. I lifted my leg from the dog under my feet and I saw his jaw in all that blood thing and my shoes became dirty of his blood and saliva. I moved little ahead and they all moved back. For the time I was feeling like a movie hero but in place of goons there were dogs against me. I started running behind them and they all ran away barking at me just to show off they don't fear me. After that whenever any dog use to bark at me I would pick  stones and beat the hell. After some weeks from that day every stray dog in way started fearing me. The feeling was great for a coward boy at least someone fears him. From that day till now I don't fear any dog coming in my way and I consider they should be afraid of me because while on streets they can't mess with the BIGGEST DOG which is me.

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