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It took long for me to figure out I am kinda a jealous person, it's strange someone saying himself a jealous person but it's true. My this nature has given me many gifts, just because my jealous behavior never asked me to pull someone's leg but rather asked me to become better from him and go ahead stepping on his head. I was in 11th class and I used to go for tuition at Shraddha Coaching Classes for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Since there were very few students from my school we were made to sit with students of “Mahatma Gandhi High School” after one and half month. I was best in my batch in Physics but since our batch changed there was a guy named Shashikant who always use to beat me in speed while finding answers. Every time he use be first to find answers in Physics class, that use to make me jealous of him. But rather than cultivating odd feelings I decided to go and talk to him and find out his way of working. We were sitting on last bench when I met him first, I talked to him and praised him for being fast in any kinda calculation of formula. By the way he told me that he is quite impressed by me just because I never fear asking any question in any class even though everyone laughs whenever I did asked any question, he always fear to ask questions just because others will laugh but because I not only asked questions but my questions were really kinda tough to answer he learned many things. I was surprised at his this gesture but the one you are jealous when praises you, you kinda get some flying feeling, I was no exception, by the way I asked him which questions he liked, then he told me,

-Why blood oozes out of your mouth when someone hits you with adequate force, just below your chest?
-What chromosome pairs are there in panzies?
-What will happen if a wheel is rolled on zero friction surface and no outer force acting on it and the wheel is not meant for standing as it is?

He actually knew every question that I had asked since our batches were joined. He asked me how I manage to ask question even though I might be knowing others will laugh.
I told him my Dad always use to say me, “The one who asks question remains fool for the time till he asks question but the one who never asks question remains fool forever”.

And I may be born fool and weak but I'll not die like that, so I never fear to ask any kinda question after all knowledge is just meant to be spread to all so I never ask in private I ask in class because they may laugh when I'll ask question but they'll know the answer when my question will get answered, and you think you fear to ask question but the fact is that you feel shy to ask question because there is nothing to fear.

After that we started hanging out together after all we were smart guys. He was always very smart than me but that thing never bothered me again and till date we are best friend. Because of his smartness he is known as BORN GENIUS among friends family and college and after knowing him I am assured yes he is really a born genius.
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