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My dad got transferred to Bhandara after I cleared my 10th. At that time Bhandara was considered as area with religious rivalries and Naxalite activities. I was told not to go outside during night times because some guys move around looking for lonely guys and will beat them just for fun. There were some groups who will kill you and no police action will be taken. I thought they were just joking to kid around new guy in the city. It's later I got they were not joking. This incident happened when I was near civil lines, don't remember why I was there that time but I was. All of sudden three guys came from some where with stumps and started beating me, I still don't know the reason, might be just because I was so robust they might have thought I belong to some other group, whatever it was. A police constable came running to help me out and they all ran away. He said to me, “What the hell you were doing with those guys, you appear to be from good family blah blah blah....”. I thanked him for help and went home.

So first thing that was told proved to be true, I decided to check out for the second and moved out when it darkened and to my surprise again they were right I have to keep eyes everywhere to keep myself protected form guys standing by. I decided let's check out is it really fun to beat someone with no reason. So next time when I went outside I sat near Z P chowk and was waiting for some prey. There was a wine shop to the third corner of Spice Restaurant which was right in front of me. A drunkard came out and was shouting some f**king words, there was no one around, I thought this is right time. I ran towards him and beat him down then I ran back to my home. My heart beat had been increased and I was feeling guilty for beating someone for no reason, it was quite clear there is no fun in doing such shit eating pig's job. Next day I went up on roof and sat thinking about them why they might me doing such cheap thing. I sat for long time thinking in my way to know answer for why?. Then I realized I might be thinking in wrong way so I tried to figure out what they might be thinking while doing this shit job, and I got the answer they are like this since their childhood so it is not possible to change them that easy. You can't change yourself in a day how you gonna change them all better way become more stronger and give them what they try to give you “The Fear”. How I did that is next story to tell for now I understood, “Sometimes it's better to think in a way your opponent thinks to challenge his authority of might.”

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