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Akola is one of places in India which is famous for religious rivalry(Hindu-Muslim rivalry). When we were transferred there it was difficult for a cowardly boy to stay outside. Though the place is famous for Hindu-Muslim rivalry there was no discrimination. This is one the biggest thing observed by me there, time has changed and also the people and now no one harasses me anymore. While new in school a tall robust Muslim guy came and beat me just because someone told him I joked something on Allah. He was not ready to listen anything from me and beat me. In lunch break I sat on very last seat weeping in corner. Everyone one was having there lunch and sometimes they were also looking at me as a poor guy. As I was new in school my classmate Vivek was told to stay with me until I make new friends, just as a student counselor. He sat near me and told me don't bother about what happened many of the Muslim guys are just like him. He was not wrong when I was in Nagpur and in Bhandara many times I took advantage of their this nature to take revenge from others. The real thing is that they don't even inquire what is told is true or not. One day new traffic lights got installed nearby my apartment. To enjoy lights at night I started roaming outside at nights while everyone else in home was busy watching television shows.

I was 13 when I saw a boy nearly of my age beat a Rickshow-Puller dead. When he was beating him in front of me I thought only a drunkard is getting trashed till he smells the ground. It was the next day I got he died on spot while being beaten. I got frightened and now for the very first time till now I really got fade up of fear and decided now its the time to face it. Nearby our apartment there was Vasant Desai Stadium were I use to go for running. I tried to increase my rounds from 3 till I reached 12 rounds without fatigue. I increased my meal specially milk in breakfast and soon became big strong and my weight increased to 76 kg. I turned robust and was having nearly 10-12 chapatis for every lunch and dinner. I had also started push ups and pull ups and I learn t moving around parallel bars and started practicing boxing from the guys who use to come stadium for practice. My Dad thought all that I am doing is just a change that happens with every boy while in young age and he advised me how to exercise at home. Soon I started feeling strong, sturdy and full of rage, i was waiting for someone to get a trash from me. And soon the day arrived, once I was going for tuition a guy hit my cycle from behind and instead of saying sorry he started scolding me as it was my fault. I shouted at him and he ran away without uttering a word. But the very next day he was standing there with two other boys I stopped my cycle and went near him and before we speak a word I directly slapped him down. The anger of being coward for years turned into wrath for the first time and I was unleashed as never before. I beat three of them mercilessly and was not at all feeling guilty for it. One of them had a fateful day because he might have suffered multiple fractures in his right hand. The day I became strong and I never looked back from there, I feared no one may be stronger or weaker than me. I fought between Hindus-Muslims while in Bhandara and sometimes also available for other kinds of street fights there. Things changed and now the cowardly guy is feared as one of the most fearless violent guys of city. I have learn t how to face my own fears and still standing tall on my stance.

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