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I was in 12th class and it was mid-term exam and 12th class students are meant to sit with 10th class students. For every paper I reach 15 min earlier, that day wasn't any exception. I sat on my sit and took out all the stuff needed for paper. A girl came and sat next to me she was in 10th class. She saw my name on my writing pad and asked me, “Is your name Nrupen Masram.”, I replied, “Yes”, “Are you elder brother of Ranjeet.” again I said, “Yes”. She called her friends near, “He is elder brother of Ranjeet.”. I was amazed, “What is so special?”. She said, “Bhaiya Ranjeet is mind freak geek of the class he frequently challenge class teachers he can teach better than them and also proves it every time. You might be knowing this you are his elder brother.”. The fact was that Ranjeet never told at home he often challenge teachers like that by the way he use to tell everyone I am the one who teaches him. This is one of the biggest joke for me because he was very cleaver since his childhood so cleaver that sometimes when I was unable to understand what the topic reveals I would give him the book and ask him to read and explain me. He was always that cleaver, now he is also pursuing his Computer Science and Engineering Degree like me and though I am elder I always need help from his master brain.

Whenever we went together his friends used to point us as Ranjeet and his elder brother. He rarely used to sit among my friends because for them Ranjeet was my younger brother, by the way that was long time ago. Now many of my friends consider him mastermind when comes to subject he is reading. He was with me since childhood and I got used to see him like brain-man, he still is much better learner and hard worker than me and always deserves a better place for him over me. But sometimes I became angry over him just because if we have covered same subjects from same books and he knows less than me, it's just because since we were together I never heard him say, “I don't know this”. By the way next time you see us together don't refer him as my younger brother refer me as Elder Brother of Ranjeet.

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