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1. Always remember
An inconvenient truth is always better than a comfortable lie.”
Don’t lie yourself.

2. “When you make a serious mistake, punish yourself.
If you want to pardon, pardon others but never pardon yourself.

3. “There is only one thing in this world which is absolute and that is you.
While taking decisions make sure all world moves around you and you are free to take your decisions, don’t blame others for your mistake if you seek some advise as help, take responsibility for your decisions.

4. “Your right decisions are very much prone to bring you troubles. If none of your decisions ever brought you any troubles before success, it means you have never made any right decision.”
When you make correct decision it means you are inviting troubles. Always remember be ready to face troubles rather than getting an inconvenient solution.

5. “Decision made under anger, fear, personal interest, personal comfort, and influence may appear very much right but are always wrong.
Always think above cast, religion or just little trust on someone to make decisions. Anger and fear will make you take wrong decisions, rule: 3 is the thing you must follow when caught in fear. Seek for advice if in need but use your own brain.

6. “If you are taking decisions for others make sure you must be there to relax him.
When we make decisions for others make sure to relax them if our decision is going to hurt them. Remember it’s your responsibility to make sure he does not cultivate any wrong feeling for you, for his feeling only you will be responsible and not the one who had cultivated that feeling.

7. “Modernization + Traditional Way=Pollution, Modernization + New Way=Innovative Solution.
Change with the modern world , take only positive changes not the negative ones. Don’t always stick with traditional way, think for a better, alternative and newer solution.

8. “The biggest enemy of a man is he himself, then his family and last the society.”
Yes the biggest enemy of man is he himself because he asks himself to quit when gets tired of all the mess he faces as troubles. The next comes family, every man is so much fond of his family that sometimes he forgets what is right if they start criticizing him. The last but not the least comes the society many people think they are so much bound to live as others live, sometimes they really forget what they really want even though they are not doing anything wrong, do what you want forget rest of the world. The enemies comes in following order,

Whenever such situation comes your way just ask yourself, what you are doing is really wrong and if the answer is there's nothing wrong just move ahead forget everything else. Remember rule:3 it's just you at last who will matter, because when you will prove that you were right all of them will come to tap your back.

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