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My Dad was Government Servant since my childhood. We were supposed to move whenever any transfer order use to come. Basically a transfer order used to arrive after every 3-4 years but sometimes it use to come early in a year. My dad always wanted his children to learn from a highly reputed school so before we shift he use to make sure which school in area have highest reputation in current. When you shift to any new school they ask student for nearly 65-70% mark-sheet, a test paper and an interview with new teachers. I never had any liking for writing, writing answers was like headache for me so when i use to feel sure that now my mark sheet will be 65-70% aggregate I would stop writing any further and have a nap. The habit not changed even during my graduation, when I use to feel passing is done, its time to move out. So whenever I use to appear for any kind of admission test and interview my name use to appear very first in newly selected student list for school. Parents of other children never use to tolerate this that a ST guy tops every admission test. They intentionally make their children stay away from me(Things changed when we moved Wardha till then things were same). I had very few friends or you can say nearly zero in every school I used to shift, on the other hand they use to hide my bag, steal my compass box and gave me all sort of troubles they could give. I was afraid of them so I never told my parents how other students treat me while in school. I use to feel lonely and frightened while in school but scenario at home would be different I had some friends to hang around and I stayed carefree. From that time I cultivated odd feelings for all those people who differentiate others on basis of caste and religion and I still hate them. Every time we shifted, we have to forget previous place and start to learn the newer place. Slowly I lost my interest in enjoying new places and started believing its better to stay at one place. My habit of not moving around new places also came from here, I started liking only those places which I know just as we like only those faces we know. I know nothing special about any place I stayed or staying now, for every now or then I know only regular places. In past when I use to shift here and there and in the present when I do not move anywhere the feeling for me always remains the same, I am just a new guy in the town.............!

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