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While in Bhandara I saw many bad things happening around me and for me this was real world, everything outside looks pretty which is reel and what's really inside is bad. I got chance to look at other aspect of many things and after l knew what the hell goes inside world I would frown and ask myself why this world is like this. I thought sometimes forgetting some of these memories will make me happier. So my wish was served to me with a slit difference, this is how it happened. I was in first year and while in even semester I got ill with Typhoid and fever. I became so ill that my fever entered my brain and I took nearly 10-15 days to get up from bed. But when I woke up something has changed I was not able to recognize many of my old friends, in fact my memories of 2-3 years got completely shattered to some extent.

When I came back to school I have to recollect my friend's name because I had forgotten them completely. It was sick to recall them and a bit difficult too because the person you were knowing someday suddenly became new to you. While returning back from college sometimes I had to stop and look around each and everything so that I must get sure I am going in right direction. It would make my brain painful sometimes. After exams I was returning home with a relief that I'll get rest for sometimes but when I got down on stop, to my horrors the place is completely new to me. I looked around again and again to figure out at least one detail I may remember. I asked a man passing by the way to Ganeshpur and he told me the way while moving around there I was recollecting and recalling whatever I remembering about the place when I reached home I told my parents about what happened. This was real shocking for my parents that I even forgot the place I stay. We went to doctor and he just asked me to rest and take my time to remember whatever I forgot.

I really forgot many of my old friends of Bhandara. Sometimes they come to me tell me we were together and some of them also have our pictures when we did some kinda mischief. But I have to say sorry just because I can't remember them. Now I feel the wish to forget something was just a fool's job but forgetting them has taught me something new about life.

"Sometimes its better to let things go as they are even though they are painful, just because when you'll forget them you'll lose something much important things related to it.”

Today even though for many of them I am familiar but for me they are not. My lost memories ask me to move forward even though I can't remember most of significant things of my 2-3 year life it says me you lost something in past just because you can find something new in future, so move on.

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