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Must Accept A Mistake

While on internet I usually browse for blogs and articles and try to find out interesting one for me. I love information coming from each direction and also like to spread it. Yesterday when I was wandering around for some good blog posts and I found several links by people to have a look on and I also posted comments as usual. Today I got mail from a person who introduced himself as Rajan, he told my comment on his post hurt his feelings. I recalled a little about article and then I felt of course I haven't really posted anything wrong to hurt someone's feelings, I replied him my intention was not to hurt his feelings but by the way, if my comment really felt so harsh then I am sorry. Then once again I got to the page where he posted his article and read it again and then read my comment on that. I read it again and again and finally I failed to convince myself that, I was not harsh, and that too for no reason.

I must have lost my mind while commenting, though my intention was to give a quality comment I unnecessarily wrapped harsh feelings in it. I never wanted to mean that, what I actually wrote there. Now the person who actually commented felt the comment was harsh, then what is wrong when the writer complains it was. So rather than to let it as it is, I wrote him an another mail to say sorry and tried to explain I never meant to keep feelings hard but it was mistake that it became harsh. I accept, I really wrote some hurting words and it must be accepted. I haven't yet received any mail from him I hope he will pardon as it was really some mistake happened unintentionally. 

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