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Politics, Population, Low Literacy Not Responsible For India Still Undeveloped

Following is excerpt from thread "When will India become a developed country" from Crazy Engineers

It doesn't matter how much corruption is there, it doesn't matter how much population we are having and even this doesn't matter that we don't have above 60% literacy. Even after having these drawbacks a country can develop, because a country develops just because of minds of people and not by above things.

A mind of person decides how he want to progress in same manner if all people in country will think and act for progress then only country can progress, one man is not going to change anything that happens only in movies.

India is place of people, who start pulling legs of people who really strive for progress. Feels bad but true. There are several examples.

1.In India we make movies only on Love stories no other story in movie you will get and no matter what the movie name suggests finally movie turns to love matter and we hear only love songs. But the reality is that Love Marriage is still the biggest taboo in India. When someone elope for marriage we call them by bad names even though we know constitution of India provides complete right to any girl above 18 years to select a man for him and same right is also valid for man when he becomes 21 years old. We abandon them from our families and if they are really very orthodox family on name of honor they tear down all cloths of girls and take a nude rally in area and then kill her mercilessly, they even forgot that the shameless act they are doing on a person is their own child. Every week we can see news like this on television, in all more than 600 such occurrence news we hear on news, original number is still a mystery. A group of social workers tried to aware people not to do such this and even they were killed.

2.We elect our ministers so that they can bring progress to us but we never vote for a person who starts using money as soon as he sits on seat, we vote for a person who do something just before election. It's quite observable that the things that were built 1 years before people forget and the most recent is known. It is quite acceptable that money once spent will not return. The person who does nothing for four years just eats money from people and shows his work just before elections and we vote him. When someone tries to explain this even he gets killed by party members whole city knows but no one ever objects.

3.In India we don't care for idea, innovation and a good person what we care about is caste, religion, region, state and language. We even vote them everywhere may be in election or reality shows. People never vote for a Dalit in a region full of upper caste even though he is most liable one to get votes. Same thing happens in reality shows we mean to keep person from our region on top than the talented ones, the most recent example is Indian Idol 5 Naushad, Swaroop and Vikas were among the people every music mestro said deserves top 4 positions but we voted people who were from their own locality.

4.India is a place more than 60% population is youth but 90% political seats are taken by persons with age of Grand pa's. It is not fault of youth it is fault of our civil rules, no major seat is ever given to a person less than age of 35, explicitly mentioned in Indian political rules even legal age for becoming President or PM of India is 40. Means only a old person will get a seat of award even though is fire is fully blown down at that age. A young generation is full of fire, power, activity, ideas and innovation for implementation for new age so as the time takes, idea fades and when he gets chance to have a sit all innovations he was to implement remains of no use due to arrival of other new problems. And till now not even a single minister ever objected to change the rule just because they waited for years to get that place and now changing rules may lead their ass without leading chair.

5.We as a child always respect our elders but same thing really never happens with our elders, they love us but they don't respect us nor our views. As a child they buy us chocolates, toys, cloths and goodies we love that time. But when time comes for a child to select his carrier they force them to become doctors, engineers, or govt officers just because they dreamed their child become that, no one bothers what he wants to become. Same even applies to marriage they just go select a boy or girl then just as tradition boy goes to see girl, as as stated by parents boy have to yes and girl have to say yes even though they don't like each other. As a child we love and respect them and sacrifice our dreams for them and if we are not ready to do that we become most shameful name in family. This fear always makes us stay behind to do right thing for ourselves. This condition is true for more than 80% youths of India. Try to stand up against your beloved ones when you know you are right.

In India only 20% people live and act with new ideas of time and hence they are living a rich and quality life, rest 80% just use new equipments and are still primitive, this applies to whole country. No population, no corruption, no brain drains and nothing else than minds of people of India are responsible for India not progressing. And we don't want to blame ourselves so we blame rich people, politicians, corruption and brain drains. We are modern just by gadgets and equipments not by ideas and we will not develop unless and until we modernize our ideas to live our lives.

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