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This Tuesday my parents decided to give a visit to my maternal uncle, since my studies are on i was left with no option than stay at home and get my job done. They left for Nagpur early in the morning and i was left at home alone. I think it was 2 or 3 pm when i had my look on all my favorite websites and i got call from my friend and he told me, “Newer version of MySQL database server is available go and download new version”, since the one i had, was downloaded months ago. Since my connection is slow i can hardly open sites when i put something on download so i left MySQL on download and went to the middle room for nap.

When i woke and what is see......DARKNESS EVERYWHERE. It was load shedding, everything around was dark and i wasn't able to see properly. I sat there for sometime and suddenly i felt now i can see a little. I went to the front room taking support from sidewall and sat on sofa. After a minute or two my mobile phone beeped and i got it is kept just in front of me. I picked it up and searched for torch. I found torch and then returned to front room then i lay ed down on sofa and switched off torch and it was dark again.

This darkness now reminded me of my first year of college. I used to stay in dorm and my room partner Avinash Sagle and i shared room on last floor Room No.219. It was 7.00 pm evening i was alone in my dorm room and condition was similar, LOAD SHEDDING. Avinash came to room with Samadhan Sanap(he is also a friend of mine), he asked me what i am doing alone in the darkness. I replied, “I am having rest since it's dark everywhere.”. He asked me for breakfast and i agreed (of course i am not that dumb to avoid free breakfast). I asked him to wait for a minute meanwhile he burned a candle and i went to bathroom to get fresh. When i returned, he asked me to wait while he returns from bathroom. He went out of the door, then called me out. I asked, “What happened ?”, he replied, “How you managed to go bathroom its very dark here.”. Sorry i forgot to mention our room was in the middle of the hostel and bathroom was on the last corner. “It's kinda daily routine for us to go to same bathroom, so i easily managed to go near bathroom and there's already light coming from window pane there. Just move on and nothing will happen.”. For a while he looked at me then looked towards that dark side. Then he came inside, switched on his Mobile's torch and went to the bathroom. I can't still figure out, he did a smart thing or i did a dumb thing, anyways breakfast was free.

After a while i recalled this incident load shedding was over and i switched on lights. So far as i can remember i never had any problems staying alone nor i faced any problems due to darkness during load shedding. After first year of my college i opted to stay alone. Whenever there used to be load shedding at night people used to come out and wait for it to get over while i used to sleep in my room without any problem. Though alone i never feared darkness may it home, may it be college and i never had any problem to stay ALONE IN THE DARK.

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