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Last week my sister called home and asked for some documents she might need for submitting her free ship form. From that day my father is wandering here and there to make all those documents before submission date. Yesterday i went with him to tehsil office to help him because he also had some office work there. It had been 5 years since i visited One Window to Tehsil office. The only thing that changed during these 5 years is rush that always persist there for creating documents for submission. It has increased very much from my last visit. Standing for hours for submitting documents then waiting for receiving the new documents remains common scenario for everyone there. I waited for four hours in line to submit and then called back today to receive it. Document creating and submitting procedure always remained very complex and its complexity increases year after year and i still question why. Number of documents you need to submit for anything increases every year and the time you spend to make and submit them also increases.

When i use to submit my free-ship forms in college i have to submit several documents. From first year to final year, every time when i have to submit documents for free-ship the documents in my hands used to be more than previous year. The more documents you have in your hand the more problem is that if one of them is erroneous then you may have to re-create them once again and then submit once again, face same fate of standing again in lines for submitting then receiving and then submitting. While in final year i had nearly 15-20 different documents in my hand while i was standing in line to submit it for free-ship. So let's try to recall some of them,

  • Free-ship form
  • Caste Certificate
  • Caste Validity Certificate
  • Domicile and Nationality
  • Declaration Of Caste And Income
  • Income Certificate
  • Verification Certificate
  • District Transfer Certificate if any
  • 12th Passing Certificate
  • A4 form
  • Last year's result photocopy
  • Backlog clearance verification if any
  • Special preference entry form
  • etc.

It's hard to even recall all of them and if even one of them would have been erroneous then i have to re-create it which again would be job with headache. While transferring if they forgot to send anyone of the documents or misplaced it, then it's again your task to manage that problem. Procedure to your free-ship can halt just by single misplaced document or form and hence i titled this post DOCUMENTS AND DOCUMENTS EVERYWHERE STILL PROCEDURE REMAINS INCOMPLETE.

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