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Gamer Screen For My Dad

When i was 8 my Mom got me my first hand video game. Since those things were new in Indian markets my dad was furious over spending on such expensive things. Soon his temper lowered down and after a day or two he stopped complaining about my game. That hand game only had two games in it F1 race and Brick Game Tetris. Once when i was playing Tetries my dad asked me how to play the game since he was unable to understand how score is rising. I explained him and asked him to try and that was the biggest mistake i did because after playing for a while he got interested in playing Tetris so much that afterwards whenever he use to return from office i have to hand over it to him for playing. We use to challenge each other for high scores and of course beating his score wasn't big deal any time but Dad would not give up until he beats my score may he have to try several times.

When i became 12 Television Based games marked their presence in market and even this time my Dad was against buying it and my Mom also supported him. By the way we took money from our Grad Father and bought us new Video Game. When my Dad returned home he saw a video game and he became angry once again but my Grand Father was there to defend me and my brother from him. My brother was playing Raod Fighter on video game and my Dad was reading newspaper by sitting next to him and his eyes fell on TV screen and he fell to temptation of game on very first day. Soon he started enjoying road fighter and whenever we use to play we have to hand over him chance to play Road Fighter.

After that when Sate Government started IT programs for cheap my Dad joined for MS-CIT training. He scored 86% in examination but he hardly ever knew how to start or shut down a computer. That's how government of India certifies people. Though he may have not learned anything while undergoing training he learned playing computer games and now is a hardcore gamer.

Even today his liking for games are not over though with age his eyesight has become deem. He still spends time playing sudoku on small screen of his mobile phone. When i don't work on PC he moves on to play games on it. He often complains screen of computer is small, its fonts are small and he can't see things properly but when comes to gaming everything is left aside. He asked me to buy a Computer Screen which should be four times bigger than our 21 inch television set whenever I’ll get my first salary and i reply of course the first thing that I’ll buy after getting a job is a gaming PC for you with big screen.

Platforms changed from Hand Video Game to Computer Games with time but my Dad's liking to single game on single platform always remained constant. Tetris on Hand Video Game, Road Fighter on 16bit gaming console, Sudoku on mobile and sorry did i forgot to mention my Dad's favorite game on Computer is solitaire....

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