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The "If....then" Tag

Last day Harshad gave me tag for “If...then”. So here’s my reply.

If i were a month
Then i would be January because January month starts a new year and i always believe its always better to start with you than waiting for someone to begin.

If i were a day
Then i would be Monday again because it starts your week.

If i were a time
Then i would be dusk time its the time when people return home.

If i were a season
Then i would be spring, it marks beginning of blooming new flowers.

If i were a planet
I would be Jupiter because its the planet which denotes teacher and also it saves other planets from asteroids by pulling all of them by its gravity.

If i were a sea animal
Then i would be Dolphin because it is most friendly animal in sea.

If i were direction
Then i would be North-East just because it brings you first light for year.

If i would be piece of furniture 
Then i would be a Lazy Boy Chair because it is most comfortable chair available in market.

If i were a tree
Then i would be Bamboo, because it is most used tree.

If i were a liquid
Then i would be water because it is universal solvent.

If i were tool
Then i would be screw driver, i usually screw everyone who messes with me.

If i were an element
Then i would be Iron because its the only element that can be molded in several ways to become hard, brittle, soft and flexible.

If i were a gemstone
Then i would be Carbuncle because it is most precious gemstone.

If i were a musical instrument 
Then i would be Guitar because i like rock music and all rock stars usually have Guitar in their hands.

If i were a color
Then i would be red, because it is color of blood.

If i were an emotion
Then i would be love, no need to explain why.

If i were a fruit
Then i would be Mango because it have many medicinal value.

If i were a sound
Then i would be sonic sound, can’t be heard by human beings.

If i were a car 
Then i would be BMW, because that’s the car i wanna buy.

If i were a taste
I would be bitter because it is taste of reality.

If i were a scent
Then i would be fragrance of rose because i love that flower.

If i were a shoe
Then i would be Adidas because it is one the brands which creates best shoes for sports-person.

If i were a bird
Then i would be Hawk, because it is one of the most pride flying animal.

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