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This Is Scam

On this Sunday i received an e-mail in which some one named Sami Ibrahim told me that he is auditor of some bank and want to give me someone’s dormant account money. If you have received any e-mail like this beware it is 100% scam. Don’t fall prey to it, the information they will ask might get used against you. Please have a careful look on type of e-mail.
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Today i got another e-mail from someone named Atharva, for sure i don’t know someone with name Atharva. She sent me link to an online job site claiming can make you millionaire in months without much effort, what a crap...Don’t fall prey to it even this type of e-mails are nothing but scam. The e-mail will contain a link with lot of bluffs about money making, please note that the news site they will refer will be fake and even the testimonials and e-mail addresses will be of one time use only that means once you get trapped all business will disappear as it never existed. To find out whether the site is legal or not just eliminate all directory transversal from link. For example, i got this link with the e-mail,

i removed all transverses from link and then it looked like this,

After this i found this site is fake and you are forbidden to visit other pages. Surely they must be kept for someone else. By the way to check more i opened first link and it again asked me to click following link,

Look at both links, don’t they appear same, so again i removed all other stuff from URL than domain and clicked enter and no surprise the site appeared as mirror image of previous one. Actually you can check all such e-mail scams as i did, and beware though how much luring they appear at last you’ll find they are nothing but just scams. Don’t fall prey to them please check the e-mail might appear like this.

Please also have a look on this,

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