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50th Post

Hello Guys today is day when I am posting my 50th post on my blog. If you have recently started reading my blog and think it’s some how interesting then I want to share with you my top 10 favorite posts so far I have written for this blog. I hope you may find them as good as my friends and I do. So here’s the list,

1.The New Guy In The Town
This was my very first post on this blog.

2.The Rule Breaker
This was my first post written and posted when a reader requested me to write our this life experience and share with you all. This was the post from which my blog got eyes of people. So if you really want to know why you are reading my blog then please read this.

3.Truth Beyond Reality
My this post from the day I posted it always remained all time favorite of my visitors, uncovering people’s view, it is one of those blog after reading which many people started reading my blog.

4.100% Lawful
For some some months after “Truth Beyond Reality” I had stopped blogging due to non-availability of Internet connection and I started once again with this article. This is some controversial kinda post ever appeared on my blog. Read it I know you’ll love it.

5.India:As The World Can See It
After this my blog got little international exposure, if you are the one who is not from India might be one of those people who have started reading my blog when you got this on google.

6.The Dog Who Became An Engineer
This post portrays one of the comic incidence that happened in my college.

7.Politics, Population, Low Literacy Not Responsible For India Still Undeveloped
This post is excerpt of discussion once going on Crazy Engineers must read specially Indians.

8.Social Evil Returns
This blog is about how blind faith and beliefs are building them self again in India and how much crime rate has increased due to it. 

9.Story Of Many
Is story once sent to me by one of my facebook friends must read for all.

10.This Is Scam
In this post I uncovered how to find out the site is scam site or not. In two days it appeared in popular all time and now ranks first. I am really happy my this post is helping people all around globe to detect about scam sites. I don’t know but most of you might be reading this blog just because one day you were surfing and found this article.
No matter what made you find this blog and read my posts I am happy because it took me more than half year to get that number of readers on my Hits Counter. It was some time when I have not given up though I hadn’t even got 100 hits and it was more than two months(So if you feel like laughing on that thing, please laugh aloud because i know till that much time people make more than 500 hits). Even today I get only 40-50 hits everyday some times less to 15-25 or sometimes as high as 100-120, I love blogging. So no matter I get few readers or damn huge number of reader I am not gonna quit blogging, may people like reading me or not. If you are the one who visits me and likes my posts, you are welcome, thank you and you are comments are most welcome and if not then sorry I never said waste your time with me, even your comments are welcome but please don’t go offensive. Thanks for visiting, your comments and suggestions are welcome take care and have a nice time. 

Sorry I can't place this post in rank, I don't know why but as you read my blog I surely want you to read this post, "Change In Time"

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