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Chapter V:Publicize Your Blog

Now we are on 5th part of Real Way:Making Money Online Via Blogging. If you haven’t read previous chapters please read it by clicking following links, you can skip chapter I.

Now we will learn to publicize your blog to get maximum exposure. Note that the tips mentioned here will help you put your blog on google but the real stuff that will put you on google will be discussed in very last chapter.

Use Blog Directories: Blog Directories are the sites which keep records of blogs. Join those which are best known because search engines like google themselves their prepares records from these sites for blogs. Following are some blog directories having largest database of blogs,

If you are Indian a special advice for you to submit your blog to and, use Indivine on Indiblogger to get exposure.

Quality Content: Be sure the contents of your blog are really that good to be found by google. Reason the content that appears regularly on nearly each blog doesn’t make any mark to google. Please use original and quality content, the more original and different content the more you are supposed to be found on google. For example have a look on Network Scanner Nmap tutorial on Nmap of this blog though it is just a tutorial on Nmap you may find on any blog but explanation is given in a unique way. Please note that unique contents matters most than any other tip.

Sponsored Blogs: When you’ll join blog directories you’ll always find a section sponsored blogs. These blogs belong to those people who are real traffic hungry, don’t forget to visit them and if you like their blogs add them to your blogmarks, blogmarks is service provided by blog directories to help you follow someone’s blog. Don’t forget to comment on their blog so that you get in eyes of other people. Influential comments can also bring traffic to your blog.

Use Comments To Get Traffic: Google can find your blog if some re-knowed site owns several links to your blogs. So first find a blogger with similar contents to your blog and have large number of visitors everyday, while commenting leave a link to your latest blog like this after your comment,

<a href="Link">Title Of Your Blog Post</a>

If you don’t want to post link to your blog then post it like this,

<a href="Link">Title Of Your Blog</a>

You can also post a link to post of your blog whose contents are much similar to your blog and might be better than the post on which you are comments. It is necessary for you to find maximum such blogs to get maximum exposure. Such explicit linking will also put your blog on google list with them and you’ll get free of cost exposure.

Submit Your Blogs To Web-masters:Web-masters tools are great to get exposure. Submit your sites to possible all big webmasters, following are links to some well known web-masters submit them your blog and on sitemap filed just put your RSS feed.

A have registered with yahoo and google you can register with as such webmaster tools as you want. They really help but slowly.

Use Meta Tags Properly: Meta tags play small but important part in finding you blog while on search. Note how to use these tags,

<meta name="description" content="Single Line About Your Blog" />
<meta name="keywords" content="All Keywords related to your blog"/>

Now an important trick that no-one will tell you about using meta tag. Look at second meta tag keywords you have to place keywords that must help you find your blog. Now suppose you have put an article that have heavy competition then just put labels to you post and post name in keywords section until google brings you some traffic with the content from which you want traffic. Then remove those tags from there. To see how I used meta tag then right click on page and click “view source” you’ll find Nmap in my meta tag. Now look at date on Nmap post and see popular “this week section”. This how I got traffic to the content with heavy competition, when I’ll think its really enough now I’ll remove it from meta tag and since all search engines keep themselves daily or weekly archives your tags will be safe with them without clustering you meta tag. Secret master trick don’t tell anyone because this has came from a heart of hacker thats me.

Please Make Your Blog Attractive Without Any Flash Content: This may feel somewhat foolish but believe me using flash contents will not only slow down page loading time but also urge most of your visitors to leave without reading. Don’t consider it is joke, make blog look attractive but by avoiding flash contents.

Use Paid Service: If you are really interested in getting exposure soon try using SEO or pay blog directories to sponsor your links. I’ll not really advice you to pay if you want to go slowly.

Please note that these are just few steps to publicize your blog and will surely help you get maximum exposure. The real powerplay button will be pressed on 12th post of this section. So if you are interested then please subscribe us or keep visiting. Your comments are most welcome so please comment and don't forget to share your experience after you get results from above tweaks. Thank you for visiting.

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