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India All Set To Make Itself Bankrupt

I don’t doubt there might be any nation which does not have corruption but I want to know to what extent. Telgi Stamp Scam, Corruption of 100s of crore in Common Wealth Games now 2G Scam. Till now more than 1000s crore has been wasted that Indian people pay as tax in such scams. Not only this but our politicians take 5 foreign tours every year with their families with all privileges included means again more than 100 crore. Now on name of enquiry parliament is getting adjourned several times. Today it got adjourned for 21st time, if you know that for every session government spends several crore that means if any parliament session gets adjourned means several crore get wasted, according to it till now due to adjourned parliament on 2G scam more than 100 crore payed by Indian tax payers got wasted.

If you can figure out what I mean to say, you will be shocked to know due to above things India has wasted more than 1,00,000 crore this year just on scams and parliament, if this number are for this year only then to what extent of money has been spent unnecessarily during all these years just on parliament and still none of the guilty has been punished nor they will be. Still all Indians not only trust all those corrupt people but next year we see them on sit of power. Want to know on what other things we are wasting money on, protecting criminals, giving unworthy persons job just because we or someone among our known person requests for him, election promotions and celebration after winning and then spending bonus 100s crore to publicize this has been done.

The big thing is not what is told above, the real big thing is its common man of India who pays this money as tax for development of his country which he hardly sees anywhere. In spite of having resources, economy  and worthy people we are facing job problems because its we who pay electricity bills, telephone bills, road tax, property tax and everything and they(politicians and their families) don’t pay a penny though they spend and own more than we can ever have. I started hating democracy in my country because my people don’t know what democracy really is, they have studied it as theory but they hardly know it. We as countrymen of Indian are all set to make India bankrupt and just discus like me that we are making ourself bankrupt. Welcome to new India where people themselves are trying to make their own country bankrupt and lets celebrate its economy which will highly get affected due to this unawareness.

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