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Real Way:Making Money Online-II

So we are now to the next topic of Real Way:Making Money Online. Before we proceed if you haven’t read previous topic please read it then head here. Visit this link to read first part of this topic,
Real Way:Making Money Online

In this section we will discus who can Blog and How. The answer to WHO is anyone and the answer to HOW can’t be really explained without example which kinda blog you want to start. So lets start with most common examples.

Suppose you want to start a Computer Geek blog, then you must be available with possible newer information every-time you post. To keep yourself updated with new technology join biggest public library in your area and try to read at least three different computer magazines completely so that you can stay updated also join some other geek sites. Also try to introduce tips and tricks related to computing at regular intervals and share your personal view on every new technology introduced as soon as possible.

Suppose you want to start a Science blog then again join biggest library in your locality and try to read at least three of them completely, join different science groups online and keep your eyes regularly on Science channels like “Discovery” and “National Geographic”. Try to introduce facts that hardly someone might be knowing to increase your hit rate. Stay updated and also discus older science related topic. The more flexible approach you’ll use the more interesting your blog will appear.

You are a shop keeper and want to start your own blog then its better to start with a blog related to shopping. You can share and discus about new products as well as interesting interaction with your customers. Regularly post new price charts and make people aware of new products available in your shop. For publicity you’ll just have to put URL of your blog on receipt of products that your customer will take with them. Any shop keeper may be mobile shop owner, electronic gadgets shop owner, car shop owner, supermarket owner even vegetable blog can make progress.

Students can start blog to express and discus there school and college related problems and work. Senior students can help several junior students by sharing their tips related to studies with their junior students.

If you are banker or a person related to financial field you can share banking/finance related news and views on your blog including their effects of different aspects on nation’s economy, as prices hikes and drops on daily basis you’ll never face problem with contents. if you are a journalist you can start your own News blog and share secret behind every news and tell people the truth. People tend to know more about controversies over news. Take advantage of your job to make contents more interesting.

Women can start blog to share and solve their problems. It may include all family and friends related problems, share your tips with other womens about beauty, cooking and family management. Technical and women blog usually get more hits than any other blog.

If you are a book lover and like reading novels like stuff. Read books and share your reviews with others.You can also start you personal blog. A personal blogger never gets problem to get content just because he just have to discus his/her daily life. You can share your daily work, experiences and views on people. In fact as a personal blogger you are free to wonder among as many contents as you want from science and technology to home and cooking and then come back again to normal discussion.

As explained above absolutely anyone can blog. But as we want to blog to make some income don’t hurry up before we cover all topics. Next time when we’ll meet we will cover about which platform to select and keep your blog interesting. If anytime you feel the information I am sharing here isn’t worth you can stop reading and have full authority no never look back. You can share your comments with us if you want, see you later.

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