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Real Way:Making Money Online


It has not been long i have posted an article “This Is Scam” and it got several hits from all over the world for the same article. If you have noticed popular post then you might have noticed it has been hardly 7 days i posted it and it climbed to second rank in list. Everyday overall it receives an average hit of 10-25 people from different country. It means the same scam is being distributed as it is all over the world to different people(the one who don’t know can visit above link and can have their look on it). I know many of us want to make money easier way and don’t we want to make it easier way we actually want to make it for free. But the fact is that absolutely nothing in this world can be achieved without a little pain. The sites offering for easy money online for just few hours of work definitely lures everyone, i urge you don’t fall prey to them. Most of them will just ask you for money and once you pay them then their site will disappear, their number will disappear and all contacts that were given to you will disappear as they never existed. Online money making is not easy as it seems, it is quite difficult and some times even frustrating and only those people who don’t give up soon are actually able to make money online.

Even i make a little money online and it took me more than half an year to attain that. Many people just want to shift to online money making because they think its easy and they hate their jobs. They feel serving someone is not good because their boss shouts at them when they make mistake, takes your creativity and makes option limited to you. For them i want to clear everyone in this world in one form or another is serving someone, its not your job who takes your creativity its you who take it and last but not least options are not limited they just appear limited. Guys don’t hate your jobs because they provide you with your livelihood and just because it pays you less or frustrates you it doesn’t mean it s**ks. When i was in college, for extra money i used to create seminar reports of people for less than half of the amount people used to pay outside for same report. I have to research for it then fix that research in scope and limitation of the student who asked for it and even i have to give him ideas about questions that an examiner may ask him along with answers, it used to take more than a week to prepare a good seminar report with all details and i don’t even had an Internet connection(so shed some money every time at cafe for research). You might feel it is easy but try handling seminar reports of several people for half than cost taken by market and even make them happy with your work with all those limitations i had along with lot of college work. If you feel its still easy try it once. I can never deny the fact it was frustrating and sometimes even my studies got affected by it but i never hated it because it provided me with that extra money that i used to spend on my books and movies. And the real advantage came to me when i was in final year when students were delivering their final seminars, i was the only student who was able to answer each and every question asked by examiner to any student and that’s how i left all my viva of final year with A+.

The writing skill that i have in spite of bad English is gift given to me by that task which i used to do that time. Many of us really don’t know many good things that we have in our life is gift of those things which we regret the most, one of them is your job. Before i explain how i make money online i want you not to hate the work you do for now, because when i’ll explain my way of online money making you may find your work experience can help you to earn online. Now the real thing how i make money, with help of this blog on which you are reading this article now. Please don’t wonder that this guy might be receiving hardly 50-60 hits everyday though he is able to make money from his blog. Believe it or not but fact is not going to change for you if you don’t wanna believe, i know due to low hit rate my earning frequency is quite slow but that doesn’t mean i don’t earn. So now onward if you too want to make money via blogging i am going to put all those steps one by one on single post each which will help you understand how to blog and use your existing skills to become a blogger who earns online. I don’t guarantee the tips i’ll put here will do wonders for you as any other might claim and you might feel this guy is just new to blogging world hardly earns little and going to show his unnecessary wits on blogging for money. If you feel so i respect your view and there’s nothing wrong if you think so nor i’ll complain about your view because i am new to blog world and of course my blogging doesn’t yearn me like other bloggers who earn hefty but i know many of them must have started for just like me and never earned much in an year or two but things change when they opposed to give up. If you want to trust me and take a chance stay tuned to my blog till i finish all steps one by one else i am sorry i took your precious time please pardon me and leave. So when the next part of this topic will appear we will cover who can blog and how to choose your topic. If anyhow you found this article helpful you can link or blog to me or can just leave your comments if you want. And if you are among the one who want to trust me in spite of i am not guaranteeing this steps to do wonders can subscribe to me and can have a try to make money via blogging. I haven’t really created this blog to share tips with people but to share some good things so please try to forgive if i fail to post at steady frequency because i have to please people who read me regularly and they are important to me. Thanks for reading and giving me your time.

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