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That’s What We Call Security.

Before I describe you the real thing following is the term you must know.

Presiding Officer: The officer who controls security while elections on spot is known as Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer controls security with help of Police men at places where voting process are on.

Recently one of my uncles got freed from a charge of secrecy violation during voting process. He was Presiding Officer on the spot where elections were going on. As he got freed of charge he was happy and celebrated it with his best friend, my father. When I asked how he got charged for secrecy violation. Then he told me, on the name of security he was given one police constable and a school scout now tell me how you will stop a huge mob of 15-20 people who come there just to take advantage of our helplessness.

Many of you might not be knowing except those places where media coverage is available this is the security we have during elections. My uncle’s mistake was he was unable to stop those people misbehaving during elections with a scout student and a single constable. He managed to clear case in court by proving he never had that much police force to stop 15-20 people and there’s no way three people can stop them. We as general people residing in India don’t know what is X-level security, Y-Level security or Z-level security but as far as we have seen so far, That’s What We Call Security.

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