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Chapter VII: Why People May Stop Visiting Your Blog

Now we are in chapter VII. Here we gonna discuss the real reasons why people may stop visiting you. Believe me these are actual and real reasons why people really stop visiting you. If you really care of your blog, following are some tips you must follow,
You Don't Post Frequently: You have been blogger since months but you post 1 or 2 posts each month and still want people to visit you. Please note that for such condition you must be a renowned full time blogger who researches a lot on every post so that whenever it gets published should become block buster. If you are just another blogger who blogs for fun and money then why are you so dull to post 1 post per week or 2 -3 posts per month. When you post frequently your visitors know when they must visit you for update. Don't be that dull to post 1 post per week or 2-3 posts a month, if you really want to be less better post 2-3 articles per week not month.

You Post Too Much: You like writing so you write 4-5 posts everyday and you want people visit and comment on every post. Of course no one will read more than 1 post per day on your blog, people don't even like to read newspaper full then why they'll read 4-5 posts everyday from you. As a frequency people like to read at most 2-3 posts or 3-4 posts on a blog per week, you are filling quota in a day. So once they find out you write too much, they'll think you have no other job and your work will appear futile to them. You might be spending several hours writing nice posts and just due to your this mistake your block buster post suffers tragedy of flop film. If you really wanna go hard post 1 post per day and 2-3 posts sometimes, don't forget to give your readers a break.

You Don't Care About Look Of Your Blog: Since the time I started blogging I thought why to change template and theme, they are just fine to go. I thought my friends will visit my blog at least for sake of friendship but that never happened when I asked them why they replied, “no issue you write good and awesome enough to read but come on can't you see your blog looks damn dull”. From that time I started changing and experimenting templates on my blog so that it should appear cool. There are many people who'll just come and go out no matter how good you write just because your site look monotonous. Word-press offers plenty of such templates for blogspot search for templates online you'll find them in several numbers. If you are still using that old default theme, please change it.

You Never Say Sorry Or Thank You: Everyone is prone to make mistakes. There's absolutely no one who don't make mistakes. So when you make one say sorry. Its necessary to say sorry if you make mistakes, errors and omissions, that'll show you are thankful to your visitors for visiting you and there's no way you want to give them wrong information. Next if some topic on your post is suggested by reader say him/her thanks.

All You Care Is Just You: When you write your opinion on your blog it is mandatory that someone might be there who'll not support you. When you get such visitor just don't bother about their views and don't go on to unnecessary discussion. Because of this you may not only lose that visitor but you'll also lose your regular readers who'll feel that discussion unhealthy.

You Don't Visit Other Bloggers: The biggest funda to getting visitors is visiting other bloggers and showing them you read them. Never forget to visit other bloggers and comment if you like them.

You Never Told Anyone You Are Reading Their Blog: Biggest problem with most of the bloggers. When you'll visit someone how the blogger gonna know you have visited him/her. Most people will say they'll leave a comment on blog, but think again the comment you make will really help the blogger to know you visited him/her. The answer is no, the comment you make sets link to your profile not to your blog. Its better to set an explicit link that will tell him/her you visited his/her blog and you too have one for him/her to visit. So whenever you comment leave a link to your blog or your latest or hottest post like this,
<a href=“Link”>Titlte</a>

Most of the bigger bloggers will not accept this kinda link and may delete your comment. But don't bother about them the people who'll not delete that comment will help you get higher page ranks and listing in google. I think that reason is good enough for you to use this kinda link below your comment. If can't figure out what to comment use any of the following,

If you disliked: “I don't agree with you”, “I am with a different opinion”, “There are many who'll not agree with you”

If you liked: “Nice one”, “Hey! that was cool”, “Interesting”, “Thank you for the nice information”, “That makes you rock”, “Now you said it”, “Hoping more post like this” etc

You don't have less words to show them you were there.

You Don't Have Images On Your Blog: A movie hardly works if it doesn't have a lead actress. A beautiful actress attracts not only men but also women to movie theaters(that's true women like a women in lead, that's why TV soaps are always hit though they always remain with same stories). If you are cleaver enough then you'll understand images acts as attraction part to your post, a video may not put that much influence but an image will put to make your reader stick and read full post. Try to include at least 1 image per post and maximum 4-5 images not more unless they are necessary.

You Don't Want People To Visit You: If you have set user-names passwords, log-ins etc that makes commenting private. You have already set your mind about no one should visit you then how you gonna get hits. Allow people comment without such bullshit and surely number will increase than before.

Your Blog Appears With Less Comments: No matter how many people visit you currently if you don't have comments a new reader will just read you and move on with a mind not to visit once again. Please encourage your readers to comment.

You Don't Have RSS/e-mail Subscription Option: This is very important for everyone who wants visitors to have an e-mail+RSS feed. There are many people who love reading you but just because you don't have these options they'll find for an alternative and you may lose them.

You Never Showed Up Who You Really Are: You are blogger you are awesome at your work, people love reading you and you have put an avatar or cartoon. When I visited CE-VOICE blog for first time the very first article that I read there was “Digital Afterlife: Data Immortal”. The post was so awesome that I became keen to know who actually is the person who wrote this article and to my surprise I just saw a cartoon there with just name of author. It was so irritating to see a cartoon at place of author. When I told my friends about that article they were surprised just because I don't usually praise anyone. Next day when I asked them about how they liked the article this was their answer, “We are not really interested in reading post by a cartoon”. That's true, your name and face should appear below your work not a cartoon. Slowly not only me but all my friends stopped visiting those blogs where blogger has decided to stay anonymous, no matter how good they are on their work. If you are the blogger who generally stays anonymous soon you'll not only go out of my visiting list but also from visit list of others. You don't need to be hot, sexy model like person, be just you and show of that its you who write his/her blog.
Never Make Yourself Appear Like This On Your Blog

I think its going big Ok I am leaving something for next day see you soon. Thanks for visiting.

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