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Chapter VI:Reasons Why You May Feel To Quit Blogging

When I started blogging I started it with my friends but in course of time they all just quit and I kept my momentum so now I am earning and they are not. There can be several reasons why you may feel to quit blogging, if you are the one who want to start blogging following may be the reason why you may quit.

You Get Less Visitors: The very common reason why many bloggers quit very soon. Please note that no blogger in world got traffic in few days, some got them early and some have to wait for years to get loyal readers. For now its golden age for blogging little wait may give you good results so don't get dishearten by less number of visitors, at least for an year.

You Don't Love Blogging:Ya, if you don't love blogging there's no way you can earn visitors and even if you earn them you will not be able to hold them for long time. Getting readers is difficult but losing them is just very easy. I'll not advise you to blog until you really love blogging as your activity as watching Television or playing Games.

You Blog For Money:Just blogging for money doesn't really pay you anything. Try to blog for maximum readers because number of visitors make huge amount of money. So don't try to sale a product try to bring customer to product if he/she gets attracted of course your balance will increase.

You Don't Know What To Write:You are writing from a long time and now you can't figure out what to write. That generally happens when you don't keep yourself updated with your own work. Try reading books and watching shows related to your blog topic, I guarantee there will be no shortage of content.

You Were Away From Blogging For A Long Time:When you keep yourself away from blogging for a long time you will find it boring to write further please don't ever do that, write at regular intervals.

No One Comments On Your Blog:This is one of the reason why even I felt to quit many times. The reason no one comments on your blog is most probable is that you don't comment on anyone's blog nor you reply to anyone's comment. Try commenting on others blog for one or two months soon you'll find your blog is also flooded with comments.

No Subscribers:You might feel upset because your subscribers are few and may think to quit. Please note that subscribers are nothing but your loyal readers and of course it takes time to build loyal readers, so don't bother they'll come when there is right time.

No Listing In Google:If you are really bothered about getting listed in Google and this is your reason to quit then I'll place a solution as a last chapter to this series. So this should not act as a problem for you to quit for now.

You Run Several Blogs:Managing several blogs is very difficult, try to write for only 1 or 2 blogs.

You Are A Copy Paste Fellow:You usually copy and paste contents from other bloggers just because you lack contents of your own. Being honest I saw many such bloggers quit soon so if you are among them then I know even you'll quit soon. Stay honest with your creation it helps in gaining visitors as well as improves your blogging skills.

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