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Creating Comments To Increase Your Visitors

Creating Comments To Increase Your Visitors

As we left some points to cover in our previous post Why People May Stop Visiting Your Blog, I thought rather than writing this as its second part better mold article for commenting for visitors. I am sorry since most of you might be in hope that I 'll post next part to The RAT. But I know if you are blogger you'll be definitely interested in knowing how comments can help you increase visitors. But before you read further I want to aware you this post will be very long, if you are really interested in increasing your visitors then please read all points else stop reading because reading half will not prove beneficial. Most of you might be already knowing influential comments work better to get new visitors but how much you can guarantee your comments are read by others. Practically very few people read your comments and even if they got influenced by your comment from where the hell they gonna know you have a blog or not. So lets move on we have several points to cover, you'll find answer to above question below.

Good Comments And Comment System: As a reader any person would like to see his/her comment appear very first on any post, so set your comment system to show newer posts first. So the most recent comment will appear very first and it'll make your commenter happy. Next remove limitations like log ins and sign ups to comment, asking for sign up or log-ins means go back my visitor and never return and once you said that why he/she will return. Have a look how on following image, it'll definitely show you how an ideal commenting platform appears,
If you are using blogger, go to comments settings and enable anonymous comment. And while commenting bloggers should use “Name/URL” option to comment not any other type. And even though you have used “Name/URL” option explicitly mention link to your blog at bottom like this,

<a href= “Link to your latest post/blog”>Recent post name/blog title</a>

because this is the step that'll create wonders for you.
Find An Influential Commenter To Reply: If you found there is any person who had given an awesome reply and surely people might be getting attracted to read him/her. Take little time and apply your brain to reply him with killing comment that should drop down the comment he/she had put forward. This ll definitely bring you all those visitors that will be attracted to him/her to you, please don't bother about you are wrong or not because if you are then definitely you'll be proven wrong but don't mind because proving wrong will be giving you visitors. I don't think that's a big deal.

Sometimes Its Better To Stay Controversial: When you read any controversial post you must also comment controversially rather than “I have no words to say”, “I disagree” etc. that doesn't put any impact. A better commenting person is that who replies according to post and not as formality.

Be Honest: Always be honest with the person who you read, don't read comments of others and reply something same like them to show of you actually read him/her. Read his/her post then reply, the person does same hard work as you do to write that post and no matter that post goes good or bad its better to read them, reply with bad comment (doesn't mean offensive) but read it completely.

Make Your Own URL Easy To Remember: You might be knowing since every blog platform appends its own name with your blog URL and due to which your blog URL becomes damn big. Using URL shortening services like come handy here. People remember you blog title than URL, use this to create short URL using remains common to all what changes are letters after / . This is title of my blog,

and this is shortened URL

Advantage of this is your visitor when want to visit you will not have to type that big URL and next while leaving link in comment you will reduce chances of typing wrong URL. Next you can append it again to generate links to your blog posts. Here's an example how, I have written an article “Save Your Facebook Account” now have a look on its URL its damn big, by the way this another URL works fine and same as URL of above one,
And also describes contents of your post, in this URL dolod means “DAYS OF LIFE OF DEVIL” and facebook means “Save Your Facebook Account”. This will not only help you remember links to your own posts while commenting but will also aid your visitors to directly jump to the required post by shortened URL.

Comment On All Kind Of Blog: As a blogger the thing that I have learned is that a blogger only learns and tells others what he/she has learned. So it's better not to limit your learning by visiting same kinda blog as you have, such things can never give you loyal visitors. Try to read everyone and increase your knowledge and keep yourself updated with time technology, news, views, analysis and new visitors.

In Your Comment Indirectly State What You Want: Bloggers always remain eager to know what his/her visitor like most from him/her in his/her post. Don't tell this directly, here's an example, “I was hoping you'll post an article on __________ software”. And try to find out how many can reply you. This will not only make the blogger happy but will also make an opportunity to get your repliers as your visitors.

You Have Something Same: If you find the blogger you visit regularly has written an article which is somewhat similar to some post on your blog, state it there in your comment. Then you'll find that there are some people who have habit to compare will surely jump to your blog to compare, thus you'll earn extra visitors. (This condition applies only if your post is not inferior to the post in which you will leave comment).

Use Commenting Platform: There are several external platforms available like disqus and intensedebate for comments. Use them than your default comment system if possible. Reason, if you have seen a blogger/wordpress comment system. You'll find complete page reloads after you press submit. This is what people with slower connection will never accept, you'll loose them just because while commenting complete page reloads and that is what they can't afford on slower connection. External commenting platforms eliminate this problem, only comment platform reloads not the complete page, also they offer you e-mail delivery when someone leaves you a comment. So create an e-mail filter and pull all your comments in some comment folder. Please read further to know how this can prove beneficial.(Please note that keep syn option enabled in your comment platform account)

Selecting A Right Time To Comment: Right time to leave comment on someone's blog is when you have posted a new post on your blog. Yes, its the right time. Here your comment folder will come to play. Open this folder when you post something new on your blog, then one by one read and reply everyone, visit their blog if they have left a link comment there come back and repeat whole procedure until you are done. Then select all mails in that folder and press delete.

I hope I have covered almost all points that will not only help you get more visitors but will also help making commenting procedure easy. If you think we left something or you don't agree with something I will be quite happy to know about that. Tell me whether you agree or not. You can leave a link to “Why People May Stop Visiting Your Blog” and to this post on your blog for your readers. Thanks for visiting have a nice time and don't forget to tell us what you feel about above post.

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