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Save Your Facebook Account-4

So now its our final touch to “SAVE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT”. Before we proceed again I want to notify you that every online facebook cracking tool that I found in Google search were just scams. I'll not advice any of you to try them just because they will just waste your time.

The final way how an attacker can hack your facebook account by creating a facebook application and sending you request to use it. Please note that hacking facebook does not always include hacking passwords, it may also include getting your e-mail ID, telephone numbers and list of your friends along with their e-mail ids. If you have used any facebook application then you might remember that every application asks for access to your personal information, if you grant access application can take over every possible information that is available on your account.

You may have came across some applications like “Who visited your facebook account”, “Get Free Mobile Recharge”, “Unknown Secrets Of Girls/Boys” and “Get 1000$ wire transferred to your account”. Now even facebook don't have any mechanism to know who visited your profile then how an application will know, free mobile recharge is no doubt is bluff and that secret thing about girls/boys shows you nothing. All these applications just spam on everyone's wall of your friend list and and then they get tempted to use it and it again spams their friend list. Never believe these kinda applications they are just scamming stuff. The last but not the least is that 1000$ wire transfer, no doubt you are biggest fool if you believe that application really works. I think there is no need to explain what it really does.

At last I will just ask you to keep yourself safe from all these kinda facebook applications. If you don't use any application anymore just delete that application from your profile. If any new method will arrive which will claim its possibility to hack facebook then I ll come back with a solution. Thank you, have a nice time and keep visiting.

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