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Skills Required For A Hacker

Skills Required For A Hacker

Following are some must know things for a hacker or you can say requirements of hacker.

Operating System:
As a hacker you must have upper hand skills in Operating systems Windows, Linux and Unix. Once you master Linux and Unix you'll hardly face problem getting yourself on MAC. As we'll move further we will cover both of them in short and then slowly move our level to advanced.

A hacker must have expertise in field of networking even if you don't have them you must be knowing about some basic terms used in networking. Please click on following links and try to grasp topics as thoroughly as you can.
The reality is that a hacker should know networking to best level. Just knowing above terms is not sufficient though you'll not encounter that much problem while learning. We still recommend you buying a book on networking that should cover networking to level of pin points. My personal favor is to book Data Communication And Networking by Behrouz Forouzan if you want to start. Click on following link to know more, read people's view or if you want to purchase.

Data Communications and Networking (McGraw-Hill Forouzan Networking)

Knowledge About Setting Up And Configuring Servers:
Yes that is necessary for a hacker so when we will move ahead with flow. We will cover configuring IIS 7, Apache, Vertrigo on Windows and Apache on Linux. Both HTTP and FTP servers will be covered.

Absolutely no one can deny all best hackers in world have master hand in programming. Following are must know programming languages but you can even make things work even if you don't know them. In any case I would recommend you learn programming.
HTML, C, C++, Java, SQL, Python, Perl, PHP and Ruby.
At most basic level my advise will be you must know HTML, C, SQL, PHP and ruby.

Backtrack is platform which is specially crafted and designed for penetration testing. Metasploit is framework that is used to create and experiment with exploits and payloads. Both are must for a hacker today. Alternative to Backtrack is Knoppix Security Edition and Mautrix, if you master Bactrack you'll easily master both of them. So I will not leave them apart from our list, we'll also cover them.

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