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Work From Home e-mail Scam

Work From Home e-mail Scam

A week before I received an e-mail about earning from home, the e-mail was just like you can read below and it was sent by Mark Services. So I went there to have a look whats going on, by the way rather than telling anything they directly started asking for money but I was not ready to give them a penny until they gave me any clear idea for what I am paying for.

I left without giving paying anything. Next day they sent me SMS then called me, again they sent me an e-mail then they told me about everything in my educational qualification and said I am best fit for their job. But that was not the suspicious thing, the suspicious thing was every-time they sent me an e-mail, it was from different company name. I hope that makes you clear its a scam, don't fall prey to it. Of course they will be knowing everything about your educational qualifications because they have targeted Job Search sites for their work. Following is copy of e-mail that I received from them today, have a careful read.

Work From Home Opportunity!
This is to inform you about “WORK FROM HOME OPPORTUNITY”. We are very pleased to explain you what we are and what we offer?

What We Are!

So let me brief you about our Company:

We are an International American Company.
We are right now operating officially in major 74 countries working for last 30 years.
We are operating officially in India also for last 11 years.
We deal in Health Nutrition and Personal Care & we are one of the best nutrition co. in the entire world.
Our company is NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) listed co.
Our company’s last year (2009) turnover is $3.7 Billion.

What We Offer!

We Offer “WORK FROM HOME INCOME OPPORTUNITY”, in this opportunity you can work from your home very-2 comfortably! To earn extra Part Time income without scarifying your present occupation or Full Time income.

Right now our Company’s business is expanding therefore we are looking for serious people to provide this “WORK FROM HOME INCOME OPPORTUNITY”.
We have multiple Work options.
Working on Telephone or Internet with an option of Working from Home, Internet, and Office Without scarifying your current occupation.
Our company provides all support and training needed.
You can do it Part/Full time in flexible hours.
No Specific Experience Needed…
Online Trainings, Traveling National, International & Vacation (Optional).etc.
We have a High American standard of Income.
Disclamer: Income may vary person to person

For more information we offer you to attend our ‘Work from Home Business Opportunity Meeting”.


TIME:- 5:15 PM PM DATE:- 26/1/2011 wednesday

So confirm your appointment on the given number.

Call for an appointment on cell. No:-9766282346 9730247474.

At the registration desk ask for
Mrs shalu.

Thanks for your time & looking forward to seeing you.

All The Best!

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