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About Key Loggers

About Key Loggers

Key loggers are tools that are used for logging key strokes, hence they are also known as keystroke loggers. Key loggers come in both software and hardware form and are used to capture and record everything typed using keyboard. The logged data is hidden in system and can be delivered to attacker by means of e-mail or FTP server.
Usually key loggers can record the application name, date and time of execution and keystrokes associated with that application. They can capture keystrokes even before they get encrypted; this gives the attacker password and other hidden information easily.

At most basic level key loggers are classified as,

-Software Key loggers

-Hardware Key loggers

Software Key loggers:

Software key loggers are widely used since they can be installed remotely via network or email attachments. Software key loggers always have ability to obtain additional data since they are not physically limited and can access memory allocations. The best part offered by software key loggers is that they can be deployed with any Virus or Trojan program that means you can use a Trojan as software key logger. They need administrative privileges to install on system.

Hardware Key logger:

Hardware key loggers are hardware devices embedded into a keyboard connector to record data. These devices usually look alike standard keyboard adapters and hence are difficult to detect. They hardly get detected unless you are specifically searching for it. It is small device that can be attached between PC and keyboard it comes in both PS/2 and USB packing. Since it is embedded in hardware it does not have OS dependency and it can surely work equally on Windows, Linux as well as UNIX and Mac systems. The best part of hardware key logger is that it doesn't require software installation, it doesn't get detected by Anti-Virus programs, Internet Security Suits, Network Monitors, Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Prevention System and can also log keystrokes even before you log into your system.

Counter Measure against Software Key loggers:

Practically you should not trust any illegitimate program. Keep your Anti-Virus program and firewall updated. Download Mozilla fire fox and use Key-scrambler plug-in to avoid keystroke getting monitored on web browser if someone has successfully installed a key logger in your system. If you are doubtful that your system has been infected by key logger use anti-key-logger/key-logger-remover programs to get rid of them. Following is list of some Anti-Key logger programs.

Anti-Key logger

Advanced Anti-Key logger

Spy Hunter-Spyware Remover


Spyware Terminator

WinCleaner AntiSpyware

If you are wondering what anti-spy ware is doing in list of anti-key logger then I must tell you that key loggers are part of spy wares (also key loggers can be classified under spy ware) and hence even spy ware removers are capable of removing key loggers.

Counter Measure against Hardware Key logger:

At practical level there's hardly any software based counter measure to hardware key loggers. But here's a program that can protect against both hardware and software key loggers. Its name is Privacy Keyboard.

Privacy Keyboard is anti-spy ware that defends computers from both spy software and hardware. It can detect software key loggers and can also helps in evading hardware key loggers though it can't detect them. It disables all spy softwares running on the system and prevents hardware as well as software key loggers from intercepting keystrokes.

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