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Prevention Against Google Hacking.

Prevention Against Google Hacking

Previous to this we saw google hacking basics and some advanced google hacking operators. In this section we will see how to provide protection to your website from google hacking queries.
Website Cloaking:
It is a method where website is programmed to give different output to different IP address. For this a programmer first finds out IP with which search engine bot search for web pages then gives it different output when it comes to their website. Please note that not all pages are cloaked just the pages of importance are cloaked.

Google Hack Honeypot:
Google hack honeypot(GHH) is reaction developed to malicious kind of web traffic that hackers use to get information. It is open source and also supported by google itself.

Proper Configuration:
Proper configuration of website is necessary. Companies should not link their internal networks with company website. If it is necessary then make sure there should be proper configuration which should not allow external entity to enter internal networks of company.

Backup Storage:
Backup storage of website should not be kept on same server where the website is running. Use external space to store backup because backup pages can reveal more information than regular information available online.
google hacking

Take Privacy Registration For Website Domain:
Taking privacy for domain will disallow attacker's to gain domain and name information about your site. Many web hosting services now offer you online privacy, this step can hurt attackers information gathering phase very badly.

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