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Track Email Delivery

Track Email Delivery

Reading this post for the only reason you read the title, track email delivery, isn't it. Whenever you send something important as mail you are always worried about whether it got read or not so here I 'll tell you about two services that will help you track your email messages.

Read Notify: is professional e-mail tracking service. Service is paid and hence when you'll register they will offer you only 25 credits for demo. Service is damn good and complete information about your e-mail is traced out. It not only returns information about your mail got read or not but also brings information about IP address, time, location, web browser used and OS used to read sent email. It will also send you information about the mail has been forwarded or not or how many times it got read by recipient. Read Notify is most trusted email tracking service and hence used by many companies and even spammers.
To check out how a receipt appears click here.

Get Notify: is free counter part to It also tracks emails but details are not as detailed as Read Notify. I have heard from many people that its service is not good but believe me they are not as detailed as Read Notify but their service isn't that crap. I am using it since one year and I don't have any complaints just because it never gave me any chance, so if someone has defamed Get Notify in front of you, try it before you accept his/her words, I guarantee you'll find the defamer wrong.

As a personal judgment I don't deny Read Notify is better than Get Notify but its not that bad either and don't forget it's 100% free, you have to compromise a little on free stuff. As a final verdict I 'll say Read Notify is best email tracking service whereas Get Notify is best free email tracking service.

How They Work:
Both use a same kind of strategy they ask you to embed email with a mini image provided by them while sending e-mail(Please note that this image is so small to get detected). When email is opened, this image sends all information about email to the person asked for receipt. No matter images are enabled or disabled this image will surely send information.

Don't bother about how you gonna use service because after registration both provide a cool video that demonstrates how to use their service and get most of it.

Thanks for visiting. Have a nice time and please don't forget to tell me about what you feel about above information about tracking email delivery.

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