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Book On C Programming Language

Book On C Programming Language

As a hacker there is real hot need for you to know programming. And there's no better programming language to start than C programming language which is still considered as mother of all other programming languages. But I am still confused to suggest from which book you should start your journey since the books I have read so far on C programming languages aren't that complete to give a novice a good start.
Most of the Indian readers will say “Let Us C” is good to start, but I have read all editions of “Let Us C” since its 5th edition and I am quite surprised how book have survived its stance even if it always had no major update and programming style is too much to keep a programmer confused beginner. I found it of no might before other books that I have read so far on programming same language. I still believe there's not really any book on this language which is really complete for making a novice a good programmer. By the way its still necessary for hacker to learn programming because it gives hacker a super advantage.

Product : Book
Subject: C The Programming Language
Name: C The Complete Reference
Pages: 805
Writer: Herbert Schildt
Publisher: McGraw Hill Osborne Media

Though the name of book is complete reference it is much like a tutorial. It fairly has many mistakes but you will ignore them once you got on basics. I know some Indian readers are really big fan Indian Authors only and they will ask for an Indian alternative, if that is the case with you too I would recommend you ANSI C by E Balagurusamy. Reason I am opting it above “Let Us C” is quite clear, programming is 100% ANSI and topics it covers are more detailed and are covered in less words.

Product : Book
Subject: C The Programming Language
Name: ANSI C
Pages: 274
Writer: Dennis Ritche, Brain Kernighan
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Before you proceed to this book you must have some prior knowledge of programming because this is kinda book which is only for programmers to learn programming. Though book is written by inventor of language many programmers still consider it as an average book, I hope that is the case just because they are seasoned guys. Please don't touch this book if you don't have any prior knowledge of coding.

My other friends always say me I review things very roughly specially when it comes to books. I don't know whether they are right or wrong but always I find it tough to rate something good specially books. Ok above were my personal views about books, my friends suggests C For Dummies and C Complete Reference for Dummies to start with C language. Ok I know I haven't yet read these books but I have read some reviews about these books and they are really good so better than opting my options I would recommend you go with my friend’s option because I am not happy with any of the books I have read so far on C programming and they are happy with above. So better start with a happy customer.

C For Dummies:
C Complete Reference For Dummies:

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