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Book Review | An Intoduction To Keyloggers RATs And Malware

Book Review | An Intoduction To Keyloggers RATs And Malware

Product: Book
Subject: Malware
Name: An Introduction To Keyloggers RATS And Malware
Pages: 75
Writer: Rafy Baloch

I think this is third product from Rafay. If you have been online for searching about hacking you might already be knowing about Rafay's blog which is one of the well known blog's on security online and have page rank 4. As a hacker when I read any book I love to read deeper descriptions and brief detailing but that was not this book was all about. The book aims complete beginners, so if you are a pro thinking you'll find algorithms and details about how to code malware then you'll surely meet disappointment because book is not for experienced or seasoned coders.

This book meets every criteria to its name and surely good as an introductory reference for beginner but while reading I felt in zest of covering things easy and in less words Rafay missed several points. While reading I also found Rafay and I both consider same key loggers and sniffer best for operation. I was planning to write an article on hacking a hacker using wireshark since we are already on sniffing tutorials I found this book giving a little description on what I have planned to write next.

While reading chapter on RATs I was very disappointed since Rafay haven't given any detail about working and hiding procedure of RAT in system. Rafay have more experience in security than me so I was expecting something heavy cored no matter the book only aims at beginners. Before this book Rafay have already written “A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking” from this its quite clear Rafay likes to write for beginners. Many people have already rated his first book good enough for newbies, sorry if you think then why its not in my list of hacking books, its just because I haven't yet read that book. I don't recommend my readers anything unless I personally review them.

By the way Rafay has kept this book for free of cost so browse to the following link and download it because if you are really beginner then you'll not rate it less than 4/5.

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