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Bots And Botnets | The Basics

Bots And Botnets | The Basics

The word bot is derived from word Robot. Bots are software applications that run automated tasks over internet. Internet bots allow the host to perform click fraud, which occurs on advertising codes on websites to fraud advertisers for money. Rather than just a code a bot might be a compromised system.
A compromised system in terms of hacking is known as Zombie system, in other words a zombie is nothing but a bot.

The term botnet is derived from word robot network, which is also called as Zombie Army. A botnet is huge army of zombie systems. Now I know most of you might be thinking few days ago we took a tutorial on dark comet rat so if I infect any system with it then will that system will act like bot or zombie to me. And the answer is yes and if you have several PC's infected with your RAT server that means you will have your botnet.

A botnet usually is meant for illegal activity. They can act as hidden programs that offers identification of vulnerability. Bonets can be used to perform any illegitimate activity like click fraud, password hacking, monitoring, spying, stealing information like credit card numbers, identification theft and even Distributed Denial Of Service attacks. A botnet as huge as 3000 computers is capable of performing undoubtedly untraceable hack without attacker making any extra efforts to hide traces. Bot nets are not always bad they provide search engines their capability to index a site and provide search results.

The last word of day is that botnets can be useful as well as harmful. In future posts we will cover how to create your own botnet using special botnet tools, not by RAT clients and how to execute a DDoS. Till then thanks for visiting and keep visiting.

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