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Google Pays Me, Legit Or Scam

From quite long I was watching an advertisement on many website about “Google Pays Me”, the advertisement usually shows a picture of a guy and a girl having check in hand along with a note “Google Pays Me”. I don't know why but I was always doubtful about it as a scam so this time when I saw it I thought to check it out by old school hacker method. So here's what I found.

I was redirected to following link when I clicked on advertisement,

Now look at that link, doesn't that URL look suspicious. OK now remove all those sub directories from URL. So the new URL will look like this

When I typed above URL it got redirected to the previous link. Do you know what it means, it means newsdaily7 website is fake. It is not any news website it is created to fool people. By the way I decided to move further and I clicked the link they showed up for registration and I got redirected to following link,

The web page was little crappy and have several icons that shows they have been bookmarked but when I tried to click those bookmarks I found they all are just images that don't redirect you anywhere to any bookmarking site. Also they feature they have been covered on Yahoo News, Fox News and AOL, by the way all those claims are false.

So the final verdict is, sure shot, no doubt, absolutely 100% scam. Don't fall prey to it.

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