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Spyware Review | Spy-Tech Spy Agent

Spyware Review | Spy-Tech Spy Agent

Product Name: Spy-Tech Spy Agent
Product Type: Spyware
Category: All in one
Platform: Windows based spyware

Spy Agent is one of the complete PC Spying package available from Spy-Tech which usually makes only Spying software
. Its quite easy to use and provides easy interface. It can be installed in both stealth and non-stealth mode. As soon as installation completes it will ask you set password for it then it will ask you which type of spying configuration you need and then will configure itself automatically for chosen level. You can specify it to start with every system start and can also configure it to monitor only specific users only. It can't only log keystrokes but can also monitor opened and closed windows, chat conversations, VOIP logs, file usage, opened and closed documents and websites capture screen shots and even record it.

The Remote Log Delivery option allows you to receive logs via emails, ftp server and even via web base interface from which ftp will be my choice. For using it in stealth mode you have to specify hot key, by default it is set to Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M. Content filtering option provides filtering contents like websites, applications, chat clients etc. This feature is quite good for parents who want to monitor their children activities and also protect them from pornographic websites since Spy Agent offers porn content filtering. Scheduling option can allow parents limit time for their children to use computer. Since it is complete spyware package, it can be used by parents as parental control spyware, it can be used as administration spyware and can also be used by hacker to steal sensitive information.

In-spite of so many features in it, Spy Agent lacks remote installation feature and does needs physical access to computer. No matter it lacks that feature considering other range of features and its ease to use I would rank it first in my list of spyware. No matter for what you need spyware Spy Agent is just best to go for. 

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