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Spyware Review | Sniper Spy

Spyware Review | Sniper Spy

Product Name: Sniper Spy
Product Type: Spyware
Category: Remote Spy
Platform: Windows and Mac

Sniper Spy is one of the most loved spy-ware used all over the world. Unlike any other spy-ware Sniper Spy have a very unique feature of live broadcast of victim's screen that means you can watch live what is going on your victim's PC. Like any other spy-ware it have all features of a basic spy-ware along with Remote Log delivery by the way this feature might not appeal you since its already a remote spy spy-ware. You can install Sniper Spy remotely on your victim's system which means you don't need any physical access to your victim.
The connection between you can your victim is protected by user name and password which you have to specify before using it. The connection protocol is secure due to which there's no way your victim gonna ever figure out who actually installed it on his/her PC. Another powerful feature of Sniper Spy is that it automatically adds its ports to exception thus lowering down the detection rate which you'll hardly find in any other spyware.

Most people believe Sniper Spy have very low detection rate almost to level of negligible. By the way I don't completely agree with them since Anti-Virus and security suite companies spend lot of time and money creating definitions and method that can catch any kinda malicious activity else they will run out of business and die of starvation. By the way when installed its real hard for any kinda security suite to detect its presence but that applies to all spy-wares. Surely detection rate is low but not negligible.

Now where it stands against Spy Tech Spy-Agent. Now most of you might have already read many posts about Sniper Spy is better than Spy-Agent. But I am not one of them who compares spy-wares foolishly. I have already told you that Spy-Agent is local system spy-ware specially designed for pure monitoring purpose, if you compare Sniper Spy to it you’ll find it lacks powerful parental control to Spy-Agent. But the fact is Sniper Spy isn't a parental control and monitoring spy-ware, its a hacker friendly spy-ware. There's no doubt I would not prefer any other spy-ware than Spy Agent if I want it to be installed on my PC and there no way I would select any other spy-ware than Sniper Spy for remote spying. So before you buy be sure for what purpose you need a spy-ware then but it, for now I rate Sniper Spy 5/5 for being best in its category that is remote spying. 

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