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Spyware Review | Win Spy

Spyware Review | Win Spy

Product Name: Win Spy
Product Type: Spyware
Category: Remote Spy
Platform: Windows

Win Spy is one of those spywares which has got high reputation online for remote monitoring. It has all good features that a hacker may need in a spyware. It can be used to monitor both remote as well as your own system. User interface of Win Spy is damn easy to understand and can even be understood by a novice to spying software. The advantage Win Spy shares over another spywares is its capability to work smoothly even under low bandwidth victim or a victim whose bandwidth is heavily loaded. Though each spyware developer claims that their product can sustain heavily loaded victim or victim with low bandwidth, I think Win Spy made it pretty good to prove it.

Now how I would compare it Sniper Spy. Though Win Spy is good spyware but I can’t deny the fact according to me it can’t beat Sniper Spy in remote spying features. Also Sniper Spy has till now seen no compatibility issues on any windows based platform whereas Win Spy does suffers some compatibility issues (I think in a month or two it’ll be fixed). Detection rate of Sniper Spy is better than Win Spy. Though it’s a good spyware but I would not opt it against Sniper Spy unless I already know my victim is using damn dead slow or loaded connection. My personal rating would be 3.5/5. 

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