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Comments And Contact Me Form Closed

Comments And Contact Me Form Closed

Hi guys I was quite busy last few days due to which I was unable to pay attention to my blog for nearly 4-5 days. Day before yesterday when I checked my e-mails I was shocked to see 96 mails from contact me form. As days are passing number of emails are increasing and most of them contain silly and same questions whose answers were already posted on blog. Please note that I am not a kid nor a newbie in hacking I am a Computer and Network Security Professional and I really try my best to keep things as simple as possible but when I see questions from people I see lack in basics and sometimes incredible stupidity.
Sorry for that but that's true. So from yesterday I closed comments and contact me form. Don't think that I don't like to answer emails (no matter how much silly stuff people ask) but so far as I can see at present by blog can't replace a job. Answering several emails is not easy and they does take lot of time since sometimes its nearly impossible to figure out what really someone has asked. I love to blog but the reality is since Google Panda Update our visitor level has dropped more than 90% and blog doesn't generate enough income to spend a lot of time for that. From today I am closing contact form and comments, also you'll see little slow down in my regular blogging and facebook activities. By the way I'll try to post at least 2-3 posts every week and all emails sent to me till closing time will surely be answered.

I'll become regular when my blog will start generating enough income to make me feel as an alternative to my job. Thanks for being a regular reader.

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