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Free Ebooks For Download

Free Ebooks For Download

Since several days people are sending me mails about why I don't offer any free stuff to them for joining mailing list or why I am not offering ebooks for free to download. When such mails began to show up in my inbox I took it easy but now I receive at least 1 email about free stuff everyday and sometimes even 5-10. At an average when I calculated number of emails this month regarding free ebooks they were above 100-120. First of all I want to tell all my readers that I don't want to promote my blog by providing you with illegal and pirated contents. But as I am getting heavy requests about providing free ebooks I have decided to provide you with it. By the way I'll not provide you with any pirated contents that means you'll not get any illegal download from me. So what kind of ebooks I am gonna provide. Internet is full of useful free and legal ebooks which can be downloaded and can be given to anyone for download. So books that you'll receive will be,

  • either free to download and distribute
  • or an ebook with resale right
so overall I will not be breaking any legal boundary by providing you those contents.

Important information about downloads,
  • Every file will be hosted on a free file sharing site.
  • Every file will be provided archived and locked using a password which you'll get in DEVIL'S BLOG ON SECURITY mailing list joining letter.
  • Same password will work on every file that will be provided on this blog, so its important for you to join our mailing list and save that password. Mails regarding passwords will never be answered.
  • Every time when I will upload any content it's link will be published on my blog as well as added to mailing list joining letter.
  • To make sure you receive email sent by us add to your friend list before you join our mailing list.

So your downloads for now includes,
An ebook on procedures of password guessing attacks.
A Honeynet Project On Web Servers which covers nearly everything you want to know about malicious web servers and their activity.
An ebook on strong password authentication which explain various browser related attacks and countermeasures in detail.
An ebook that contains basic Linux and UNIX commands.
Complete XSS cheat sheet.
Affiliate Marketing Ideas (An ebook with resale right)

All books above are either free of cost, 100% legal to copy and distribute until given for free or with resale right. This list will be updated whenever I 'll add a new ebook to our download list. I hope I 'll not receive any new email about same thing in near future. All those who have already joined and activated mailing list of DEVIL'S BLOG ON SECURITY will receive password by email from very soon.

Download Links:

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