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To All Visitors Of Devils Blog Please Read This

To All Visitors Of Devils Blog Please Read This

After long time I yesterday I posted a new article on Devils Blog. It has been nearly one year this blog is live and since the time it is live I got several suggestions and recommendations by people on how to improve its over all quality. Following are some complaints and suggestions that I received from the time this blog is live,

  • There is too much information on any topic but practically no product recommendation.
  • I place no information on handy hacking tools.
  • I use feedburner the free blog broadcasting service which often requires confirmation and usually it always end up in spam folder.
  • Whenever I share files they are hosted over file hosting sites and not on personal server.

  • Use professional auto-responder than feedburner.
  • No need to write full review on any product you recommend because no one really want to read full review.
  • Suggest books, spywares, anti-virus, anti-spywares or other such tools.

Above were most frequent complaints and suggestions and hence I implemented following solutions over it.

Rather than free feedburner I'll now use professional auto-responder Aweber for blog broadcasting. That will end up all problems that usually occur with feedburner and I 'll have full control over broadcasting. You can join our mailing list without having to confirm it and as feedburner always used to end up in spam folder this will not end up in spam folder because I'll maintain frequency of mail delivery not the feedburner. People who have already subscribed with feedburner will continue to receive updates but they'll miss all advantage of Aweber.

Next problem was information and recommendation on tools, products, books and services. That will be provided to only to people in our mailing list, no personal recommendation will be made on blog.

Files will be no longer be shared over file hosting sites and only mailing list members will receive all files via e-mail.

Lastly I could not answer each and every comment since I am not free enough to have a look on each and every comment so I decided to keep a questions and answers session whenever I get time so that anyone who have any question can ask his/her question. Following are conditions for participating in questions and answers session,

  • Only people in our mailing list will get chance to participate in session.
  • Every time only one topic will be discussed and irrelevant questions will be excluded from questions list.
  • Mailing list members will receive a link via email where they have to put their questions and as soon as I get time I 'll answer them and publish them as a new post on blog.
  • I'll not answer cheap questions like how to open command prompt, how to download files, how to upload files etc.

I hope you would like new changes. Thanks for reading, have a nice time.

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