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Ubuntu 10.10 Has Got New Kinda Bug

Are you the one who is using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat then here is some bad news for you. This new worrier in Ubuntu series has got a serious bug. When you’ll start system monitor as foreground process your CPU utilization will double. Don’t think I am bluffing, please follow these steps to check it out,
1.Right click on any of panels and select “Add To Panel”.
2.Type “System Monitor” in search and add system monitor to panel.

3.Now you’ll have a small system monitor on your panel, double click on it to open “System Monitor” as foreground process and wait for 1-2 minutes, do your work for some time.
4.Now watch the panel’s system monitor and close foreground system monitor. You’ll find suddenly CPU utilization dropped to half. In fact it’ll not drop to half but become normal since it got double due to “System Monitor” running in foreground.

I think I am the first to notice this bug, if you have detected it before me then sorry I was not aware about that.

Next news is for all who uses Mozilla Lab’s F1 service to share links across different networks. F1 allows you to share via your different accounts, currently it supports facebook, gmail and Twitter. Once sharing is done password may remain in cache, temporary Internet files, compressed database and password safe. There are several tools available which can take out your password from these things. The precaution is not to save your password in Mozilla Firefox and logout before you close your browser, if possible clear history and cache too. Thanks for reading your comments are most welcome.

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