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Must Accept A Mistake

While on internet I usually browse for blogs and articles and try to find out interesting one for me. I love information coming from each direction and also like to spread it. Yesterday when I was wandering around for some good blog posts and I found several links by people to have a look on and I also posted comments as usual. Today I got mail from a person who introduced himself as Rajan, he told my comment on his post hurt his feelings. I recalled a little about article and then I felt of course I haven't really posted anything wrong to hurt someone's feelings, I replied him my intention was not to hurt his feelings but by the way, if my comment really felt so harsh then I am sorry. Then once again I got to the page where he posted his article and read it again and then read my comment on that. I read it again and again and finally I failed to convince myself that, I was not harsh, and that too for no reason.

I must have lost my mind while commenting, though my intention was to give a quality comment I unnecessarily wrapped harsh feelings in it. I never wanted to mean that, what I actually wrote there. Now the person who actually commented felt the comment was harsh, then what is wrong when the writer complains it was. So rather than to let it as it is, I wrote him an another mail to say sorry and tried to explain I never meant to keep feelings hard but it was mistake that it became harsh. I accept, I really wrote some hurting words and it must be accepted. I haven't yet received any mail from him I hope he will pardon as it was really some mistake happened unintentionally. 

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100% Lawful

One of my high school friend was not interested in studies after high school, so after high school he never actually cleared any of the entrance exams and not even opted to study further. Now he owns a Juice Corner nearby and I usually give him visits in order to have Fruit Juice for cheaper cost(sometimes for free). Such one day when I went to him for Fruit Juice (of course for free) he told me his cousin brother has come to the town for some rape case and cleared case in just few minutes against a Government Lawyer. I was impressed when heard, “just in few minutes”. He asked me if I want to have a talk with him and as usual, I agreed, because I always like masters of the game. He was sitting nearby, my friend took me to him and introduced me as his friend. After having a chat on some unnecessary stuff I asked, “What kind of Lawyer you really are brother? ”. Okay I know that was a cheap question but he answered, “A Criminal Lawyer.”. “What you really do as a Criminal Lawyer ?”, I asked. “I save Criminals.”, he replied.

“Don't you think it's wrong ? ”. He answered, “When people don't think it's wrong then why should I ?”. “Of course everyone thinks it's wrong.”, I objected. “It's just their misconception.”, he answered. “What you really mean misconception.”.

“When I studied law and I came to know law is based on what people actually think, it's not really based on any kinda justice. People think the thing is wrong, when that thing happens to them, otherwise people don't really bother. In fact the person with whom the wrong happens, even he don't think it's wrong and hence we always have arguments to save the guilty from getting punished.”. I was quite surprised, “How can be that possible, you can't just convince me with whatever you want.”. “So if you need an example, I have many to tell. So people say dowry is wrong, all know that, the boy, the girl, their friends and families too. But boy never objects, his family never objects, girl never objects nor her family and neither of their friends, actually they support this anyhow even though they know it's wrong, in other words directly or indirectly they believe it's not wrong and that's why they don't want to object, though we say law is equal for all here it becomes unequal. We say rape is a crime and every rapist should be punished, by the way what if the rapist is your own son, parents know rape is a crime though they pay to defend their son in court, for some cases we can say, yes he is their son but what about his own sister and wife, even they support the guilty. Second case where law becomes unequal in people's eyes. The fact I have seen until now in my career is that other ladies actually make fun of those who got raped, so even victim never comes ahead to take challenge because his own gender makes fun of her to become a rape victim. Again law becomes unequal, so I think it is clear that law is equal until it comes to our own beloved ones, above conditions never change on any type of crime not even in murder. And if you think you are an exception then again you are wrong. 98% people in this world behave like this and say 'Law is blind', real bullshit, because law has most powerful eyes in the world, because not only it can see what is visible, but is also able to see what is in mind of people and that's how every law is built, you can save any criminal subject just by any minor argument. We actually built every law to save our beloved ones, same thing applies to every criminal, of course he is beloved to someone, even law makers never fall to exception and hence they never forget to put such argument points which can help Lawyers saving their subjects. Believe it or not law becomes unequal when it comes to our beloved ones and hence law is just argument based not real justice based. No one really bothers until bothering thing comes to them. When people will really change their minds, law will change and we'll then hardly have any point to save guilty. Don't just say it's wrong, believe it, don't just boast equality in law, follow it, then and only then any lawyer may hardly get chance to save a guilty from being punished. And don't take an argument with me you can never win, you are just a kid before me, for now I have an advice for you, complete your studies, earn hefty amount of money, and if someone does something wrong to you, don't just sit down and wait law will do something. Take your revenge, come to me and I'll save you or at least I can pull case to a level until you die and after your death no one really bothers you got punished or not. Remember buddy law is not actually built to punish, it is built to save.”

I was really speechless on his arguments and I got how he might be winning cases so easily. His words put tape on everyone's mouth who was arguing with him on same thing and that took him less than 5 minutes. When I returned home I thought carefully on his words and anyhow I felt he is right. Law becomes unequal when pin points at us or our beloved ones and only this forms base for guilty being saved. Law is surely not blind, it really have most powerful eyes which can even read conscious and sub-conscious minds of people and then designs and crafts itself likewise. Even 70% people really change their views on equality of justice, then laws will change themselves in way so that those points which were able to protect a guilty from getting punished will no longer remain that strong, because they'll become a common sense joke to all to get put forward. How dumb of me and all to think law is blind and awe-full whereas a justice is made with our own request and is always 100% Lawful.

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