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Save Your Facebook Account-2

I hope you are back to know how you can save your facebook account from getting hacked. This time we will discus how you can protect your facebook accounts from password breaking tools. If you want to know about various facebook password hacking tools please read,

As a hacker you’ll find that there are many other tools that I have not compared in “Facebook Hacking Tools Compared”. The reason is quite simple I haven’t found them for download, following is list of tools I haven’t found yet,

Facebook Private Viewer 2.4
Facebook Private Viewer 2010
Captcha Killer
if you have them, send me I’ll surely review them for free within a week. Next every online facebook password hacking utility is just scam. They will ask you to do surveys for using tool then they will ask you to give some information and then they will give you a utility that is guaranteed not to work. They may even ask you for your facebook id and password and if you provide them with your id and password it means you are hacked.

If you have read previous posts on facebook you may have found that they all are just dictionary based attacking tools. So its better not to use a predictable password. The only defense against those tools is not using password which are guess-able. If you don’t know how to create and remember long and strong passwords this video tutorial may help you,

To keep yourself safe from software like “FacebookPasswordDecryptor” never use password safe utility of your browser, don’t save passwords in any browser related application.

The latest facebook hacking tools that I reviewed includes “Facebreak” and “Facebook Agent”. Facebreak failed to crack my facebook account password. Facebook Agent is not any facebook cracking utility it’s just a Trojan so be safe.

If you want to test those tools on your own account then download them from following link,

These are only few from those tools which I have tested against my own account, others which you’ll not find in it were deleted during Anti-Virus scan, so sorry I can’t provide them anymore. Also note that hacking someone’s account is crime so better try those tools on your own account. Please feel free to ask, if you need any assistance using any of those tools.

Back From Jaipur

I was out for more than 2 weeks for my boot camp due to which I was not able to update my blog. Since I am back soon we'll cover the topics that we left behind. Next day I'll post next topic in Save Your Facebook Account Series. Thank you and keep visiting.

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