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I was in 12th class, it was a usual day with something unusual thing holding to learn. As every day I woke up and got ready for my mathematics tuition. It was nearly 5:30 on clock when I took my cycle and headed towards my tuition. On my way I saw a beautiful girl crying on side of road, I was really surprised seeing someone crying so early in morning on road. I moved ahead thinking what I have to do with it. When tuition was over it was time for school I came back from same way and saw her still crying like before, I felt sorry for her this time, but rather than putting my attention to her I preferred to go pretending I am not noticing her. On same day when I was going for chemistry tuition I saw her at the same place crying like she was crying in the morning. People around were acting just like me, they had to do nothing with her and they moved ahead, the only difference was the expressions on their faces some looked sorry while others enjoyed her crying. I don't know why I am so interested to know why she is crying but I didn't ask her.

While returning from chemistry tuition I didn't saw her where she was crying, by the way it was sure I would have not asked her or helped her as every other person around. On next day I talked my friends about that girl and they told me her lover came and took her with him. SURPRISED. I was too when heard for the first time so rather than making it complicated I'll try to narrate what happened as a story. For sake of their privacy I'll not mention names. 2 years before this incidence, a guy working in a small Daily Need shop fall in love with a beautiful girl. One day he went to her and expressed her that he loves her. And the girl refused to engage with him because he is not of her caste nor he is of her status. The guy with broken heart never ever turned around to look her back again. A year and half later girl's father fixed her marriage with a rich boy of his own caste. The boy was rich, good looking, educated and have every attribute that any girl will love to have in his husband. But after their engagement got fixed the guy took girl to his farmhouse and there she was raped by four guys including his own fiancee.

The day I saw her, she had been kicked out of house by his father last night. I am still unable to understand what wrong she did if she got raped, this was not her fault, on the other hand father himself had selected the guy for her marriage. His father kicked her out just because now no one will marry her daughter after knowing she had been raped by four guys. She was crying just because she was punished being a rape-victim on the other hand the subject who raped is still out and now married to another girl. Some people around felt pity for her and some thought she became a laughing stuff and they laughed on her when she was crying there. I can't deny the fact that I was part of that society that will not anyhow had helped her and comment just as others were doing that time. But when the guy who proposed her 2 years before, saw her crying madly in crowd his heart burst out and he took her with her, married her and took her out of Bhandara so that she can come out of people who know what happened with her should not trouble her and him by their comments. People's eye towards her changed when she got raped but eyes of his lover never changed, he loved her as he loved her before, he loves her as he loved her before and he gave her every happiness that every girl may want to have. She was lucky to have a lover like him who didn't care for what people will say. He married her against will of his family, against will of society, he may have never imagined his love will be put to test in this way but as said, “Absolutely nothing good in this world can be gained without troubles.”, he is happy with her. I don't know where they are now, the last news I heard about them was when I was in third year, they have twins and they are happy.

This incidence reminds me of a chapter in Ramayan, where Sita has to step in fire to prove she is untouched by any other man than his own husband. Agni Dev and all other gods blessed Sita and proved she is pure as before. Even after certifying by highest authorities of world I.e god people never stopped talking odd about her, this means all people around you are specially designed to pull your legs unnecessarily and if you care about what they say you can never stay happy, they not even left gods out of bottle. People say Ram suffered a lot but what I can see Sita suffered lot, not Ram. First she was kidnapped, then her purity is put to test and last but not least his own husband lord Ram himself dumped her because people of society talking odd about her even after knowing that she is pure. As my personal view is concerned Ram did wrong with Sita, because after suffering a lot being kidnapped she deserved love and affection from lord Ram.

On the other hand when I saw this incidence I decided I'll never care what people will say about me when I know I am not doing anything isn't wrong. And still don't care even though my parents and friends stand against me and call me ego-centric. I believe if staying happy is crime and loving someone to an extent that you don't care for society to make him/her happy is breaking rules of society then I am glad I will be next RULE BREAKER when time will come.


An inconvenient truth is always better than a comforting lie.

I firmly believe and follow this. For this people often call me Mr. Bad Tongue. All I can say is,
"This is everyday in life of Devil, because he speaks truth they call him evil.”.
On the other hand nobody has any doubt that I never mock behind their back because what I always speak hurts them so they consider I hate them but this is not true at all. I can remember the days when I was in 12th class there was a rumor around whatever bad I speak always come true and many of my friends started keeping notes of whatever bad I said to someone.

After my final year exams I returned home and was out with my friend in market for purchasing some vegetables. Suddenly I saw a woman, she had a child with her and she was purchasing some vegetables from neighbor's shop. No sooner than she saw me standing there she ran like she has seen a ghost. I told my friend look that woman ran after looking at me. He laughed and said,”Don't you remember her, she was with us in 12th class”. I replied no but asked him further why she ran away when she saw me. Then he told me her marriage was fixed before we cleared our 12th and you told her not to marry and take further education. “There was nothing wrong in what I said.”, I replied. “I know buddy but you also told her that in 5-6 years your husband will show you his true colors and will not care for you anymore and better pray your first child must not be boy”, he said. “Really I said that.”, I asked. “Yes buddy you said that and not only that his husband caught the form you had already told her it's not even 4 years to her marriage and also his first child is boy.”.
"By the way what is child thing has to do here”, I asked.
"I don't know. You told her you might be knowing but most of the time whatever you say comes true, many people around us just don't want you to say anything wrong about themselves”, he replied.

After this incidence I got an idea to write this article on this blog. I started meeting people to whom I had said something bad and that became true and to my amazement all of them to whom I met and ever said something bad came true. This are something that I said and they became true,

-I have a friend in Bhandara Bhushan, once I said he will do several courses in computer but will not become a computer professional, today he is a teacher even after he have several certificates and diploma's in computing field.

-Nitin Futane is my friend from Amravati and I told him he'll not any get job for more than an year even after completing his college and appearing for several entrance exams.

-My best friend Shashikant is really very intelligent so most of the lecturers in his college are actually jealous of him don't trust else you'll find yourself in soup, he always trusted them and always suffered with less internals.

-Mrs. Ravi Mante Sir started teaching us when I was in 2nd year at that time his technical knowledge was awesome and I predicted when we'll reach final year his technical will jerk off no doubt it also came true.

-In 3rd year I predicted my friend Pramod will lose his self dedication and for sure he has lost his self dedication now.

-I also predicted my younger maternal uncles will have to do several private jobs before they get a permanent Govt. jobs, every year when I meet them they have some new private job.

-Whenever I said that girl will elope for marriage she eloped, I said that about several girls and was never wrong. My friends used to bet with me on this whenever I said that about any girl and they always got kicked on their pockets because I never proved wrong.

There are many incidence to tell about but I can hardly remember any just because I often only predict something bad and not the good, most of the times I just do it playfully but I never went wrong and that's why they say I am always right.

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