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I was 7 when my dad got transferred from Nagpur to Yeotmal. After being allotted an apartment everybody in family moved there. This incidence occurred one day when I was returning home from school. Three guys were having pan(Beetle leaf) and Gutka on Pan-Mandir(Beetle leaf shop). When I was moving ahead one of them turned around and spit all over my hand, but instead of saying sorry they laughed at me and said, “Don't stare kid.,you can't do anything, just move forward”. He was right, what a 7-8 year old boy can do to 3 full grown up guys. I moved ahead without uttering a word.

A new chapter opened in my life when my dad got transferred to Akola when I was 13. There I learned it's not your thirst to fight that asks you to become strong but it's need of might because if you don't have it in your guts, others will threat you just like you are Mr. No Balls. There I learned why people fight? The why in the question can be answered for nothing, yes for nothing. You must have might because it's your need to stand against those for whom it's a deed. There I learned keeping yourself physically and mentally strong is need of time and not your own need. Things were not different when we moved Bhandara. There was special community of Muslims known as Irani's, kids of age 10-12 used to carry weapons like daggers, knife, blade chain etc. The Muslim boys who use to come Bhandara from Tumsar, Sunflag, Hiroda for studies, always had at least one sharp weapon in their bags.

Once I was out with my class mate Shambhu(He is real life jerk). We were at Rajiv Gandhi chowk because he wanted to buy some Ayurvedic Medicine and all of sudden I figured out the incident that happened with me when I was kid is happening with a new kid around. The situation was completely same, three guys on shop, one of them spit on his shirt and rather than saying sorry they started laughing on him. The kid rather than moving away was standing still and staring at them. They asked him to move away but he was stand still. The one who spit on him went near him bowed down and said, “What you gonna do little guy”. The kid poked his finger in that guy's eye and ran away. The full grown up buddy was down in pain and I started laughing out of control. Shambhu was standing beside me and he asked me why the hell I am laughing out of control and I answered,

I am laughing on myself just because if I can't laugh on myself I have no right to laugh on others.”.

That day I understood,

" It is not we who are weak, it's just our mind who tells us we are weak.”.

I think nearly every story repeats itself with new place, new face, new time, new results but same circumstances just to make you remind what you did in that situation.

"You can't really learn from someone's experience, what you can do is just give a judgment what the experienced person did when he was in that situation and what you'll do if caught in same plight.”. Because experience changes with respect to person when there is CHANGE IN TIME.

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