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Gamer Screen For My Dad

When i was 8 my Mom got me my first hand video game. Since those things were new in Indian markets my dad was furious over spending on such expensive things. Soon his temper lowered down and after a day or two he stopped complaining about my game. That hand game only had two games in it F1 race and Brick Game Tetris. Once when i was playing Tetries my dad asked me how to play the game since he was unable to understand how score is rising. I explained him and asked him to try and that was the biggest mistake i did because after playing for a while he got interested in playing Tetris so much that afterwards whenever he use to return from office i have to hand over it to him for playing. We use to challenge each other for high scores and of course beating his score wasn't big deal any time but Dad would not give up until he beats my score may he have to try several times.

When i became 12 Television Based games marked their presence in market and even this time my Dad was against buying it and my Mom also supported him. By the way we took money from our Grad Father and bought us new Video Game. When my Dad returned home he saw a video game and he became angry once again but my Grand Father was there to defend me and my brother from him. My brother was playing Raod Fighter on video game and my Dad was reading newspaper by sitting next to him and his eyes fell on TV screen and he fell to temptation of game on very first day. Soon he started enjoying road fighter and whenever we use to play we have to hand over him chance to play Road Fighter.

After that when Sate Government started IT programs for cheap my Dad joined for MS-CIT training. He scored 86% in examination but he hardly ever knew how to start or shut down a computer. That's how government of India certifies people. Though he may have not learned anything while undergoing training he learned playing computer games and now is a hardcore gamer.

Even today his liking for games are not over though with age his eyesight has become deem. He still spends time playing sudoku on small screen of his mobile phone. When i don't work on PC he moves on to play games on it. He often complains screen of computer is small, its fonts are small and he can't see things properly but when comes to gaming everything is left aside. He asked me to buy a Computer Screen which should be four times bigger than our 21 inch television set whenever I’ll get my first salary and i reply of course the first thing that I’ll buy after getting a job is a gaming PC for you with big screen.

Platforms changed from Hand Video Game to Computer Games with time but my Dad's liking to single game on single platform always remained constant. Tetris on Hand Video Game, Road Fighter on 16bit gaming console, Sudoku on mobile and sorry did i forgot to mention my Dad's favorite game on Computer is solitaire....


So in this post we are going to cover using VI EDITOR. Ok, please don't misundertook this article is for geeks only. In fact i am going to show you here, it doesn't need a geek to take advantage of editing capability of VI editor. It is said that VI editor has several commands even i don't have a doubt about that but i have used more than 20 different types of Linux distros each having its own VI editor and came to the conclusion that it's not neccessary to remember all commands of VI editor to take control over it, in fact most of the commands which we say will perform an operation on text doesn't work at all on every VI editor of different distros, might sound strange but believe me it's true. Here i'll tell you which commands actually work equally on all flavors and which of their counterparts doesn't, please don't take your time to learn those counterparts since they will only waste your time and you will irritate yourself like me if found any flavor not supporting that command. Please note that i'll be keeping stuff so simple that even a kid can grasp of, so even if you are not interested in learning VI editor in easy way please spend a little time, it might happen you may thank me someday for this tutorial because this tutorial is 100% for novice and nerds to VI.

First of all “WHAT THE HELL IS VI ?
Ans: VI is full text based editor for UNIX and Linux environment. Though VI may appear you junky but in fact it is one of the most robust text editors available which only takes input via console and hence it works in different modes (example:insert mode, append mode, buffer mode etc.). So skipping unneccessary details lets move on to the real stuff.

Start vi by typing “vi filename” on terminal
~$vi text.txt
if you forgot to mention filename it'll then ask you for confirmation just press enter and go ahead

Once you are inside vi editor you have to make commands work in modes, please note that you have to press “escape” each time to switch modes. For convinience we will term mode after esc as “shell mode”.

So first mode is insert or append mode:
To insert character before cursor insert mode is used, for switching to insert mode press “esc” then ' i '. Then type your data and to switch again press “esc”.
To insert character after cursor append mode is used, for switching to append mode press “esc” then ' a '. Then type your data and to switch again press “esc”.

Deleting characters, single line or multiple lines:
Press esc to enter shell mode if you make any mistake then move your cursor to character you want to delete then press ' x ' as many times you want to delete characters.
Now if you want to delete lines just remember this command “ :d ”, this command can be used to delete single line as well as multiple lines.
To delete single line use this command as “ :d ” or “ :0d ” similar operation can also be performed by “ dd ” command, choice is yours.
To delete multiple lines use this command as “ :3,7d ”, this will delete all 7 lines holding line 3 as offset.
Now you'll ask what if i want to delete till end of file from offset. Most will answer just use this command, “ :dG ”, but this is crap doesn't really work on all, similarly “ :d0 ” doesn't delete till origin. Better select an offset and you can use an approximate value such that it must be greater than total lines in file, in such case editor will discard the lines which doesn't really exist and clear all text till end of file.

Pasting data:
In fact when we use “ :d ” command, lines are not deleted they get cut and are stored in buffer until you paste them. If you don't paste them then they get discarded. To swicth to shell mode press “ esc ” then use following commands to paste,

p ” paste below current postion of cursor
P ” paster above current position of cursor

Above commands can also be used to paste copied buffer.

Copy Lines:
To copy a line go to the end of line then press “ yy ”, that will copy your line. Copying multiple lines use “ [number of lines]yy ” command for example “ 3yy ” that will copy 3 lines from current position of cursor(Note:Copying multiple commands doesn't really work equally on all).

Finding Patterns:
/pattern ” will find pattern in forward direction
?pattern ” will find pattern in backward direction

To go to next occurance use ' n ' and to go to previous occurance use ' N '.
Note:Once you enter pattern mode you don't need to press “ esc ” if you want to serach next occurance.

Saving and exiting:
While saving please make sure you are on last line and and the line you are on, is blank. Both condition must be satisfied i am asking you to do so becuase sometimes when you leave cursor somewhere between text before quitting, all lines after that line are discarded while saving file. Don't think it's a joke, it's a bug in coding of some platforms.

:wq ” where w means write and q means quit
:q! ” quit without saving

Other Commands:
ctrl+U ” move one page up
ctrl+D ” move one page down

u ” undo
* ” redo
These commands may not work everywhere and don't even have alternatives.

So what you are supposed to keep in mind:
  • i inser mode
  • a append mode
  • x delete character
  • :d delete line
  • yy copy line
  • p or P paste lines
  • /pattern find pattern
  • :wq write and quit
  • :q! quit
Above commands are 100% asured to work equally on each platform may be Linux or UNIX. For one who are visual learner can also download a swf file where i demonstrated commonly used vi commands.

My Blog Hit List For October

Last month i bought myself Tata Photon+ due to which my days of depending on a slow GPRS connection got over. All the month i enjoyed reading articles and posts from people around and so i decided to rank nice articles i read every month so that my reader can know what the one they read reads.

Rank 1:
So the first position goes to the post Ram Sita Struggle: The Other Angle on Cool Twins blog(Includes all part). Why it got first place ? The post started with suspense on board and as soon as first part gets over next puts yourself on list to wait for next update. Since update rate was nice you hardly get bored to visit the blog. Cool Twins blog differs from others just because they don't repeat same things that nearly every other blogger tries to, for example the Kalmadi Case then Happy Diwali, reading same thing everywhere makes it repetitive, this is where it differs from all other bloggers i read in October and the exaggeration “coolest twins on the earth” was killing one. Keep it up. Now what i disliked ? The page navigation overlaps on “Cool Twins Blog Here” banner and first letter on main page, navigation is not capital, it should be. Next when you write some one's name may it be your or someone else's make sure it first letter should be capital, in standard English language it is considered as insult so be careful next time. Last thing there's no proper navigation system to browse through older posts, please improve.

Rank 2:
Position second goes to Sourav Roy for his post Solving Rubik's Cube, the post was hilarious and was most comic post to read last month. What i like about Saurav is his writing style really awesome, every post is simple and boasts of it's master piece work. The most cool part of his blog is it gets updated nearly everyday and believe me no junk to read. The blog is very simple, loads faster with no external gadgets at all. Now what i disliked in his blog ? The look appeal, yes look appeal, the blog is not only simple but very simple it doesn't charms reader to stay on the page for long time. The next problem he faces same as Cool Twins, no proper page navigation system to browse through older posts.

Rank 3:
Rank third goes to the newest blogger on list KANT MAX's post Modern Thinking. The blog was really nice to read and also puts some controversial issues among people. He is my friend and his very first post made it to the ranks, why just read it and then decide. What i liked in his blog? Look is simple still appealing, there are vertually no gadgets used that makes loading time less. What i disliked, no updates since first post and no reply to comments by reader.

Rank 4:
Fourth position is for the guest post Zero Mile Stone on blog Beep Beep It's Me. It's Pranav's blog, for me it is kinda perfect blog to have a look on for everyone who wants to create a blog site for himself. The blog look appeal is awesome though simple with all stuff properly arranged from main page navigation to blog post navigation, proper use of images and gadgets with only one post per page due to which it loads damn faster than any other blog with similar stuffs. The best part is Pranav never forgets to reply his readers may be his view is positive or negative towards any blog post. The thing i dislike is in-spite of having so many readers he doesn't update blog at least thrice a week.

Rank 5:
This position goes to non another than Big_K for his post Did You Hack The Website on Big_K's Super Blog. There should be no question why this post made it to list. If you are the one who thinks there's at least a small geek inside you, you'll surely love to read it with sweet taste if no then also you'll love reading it. If you are the one who haven't yet read it, just click on the link and you will thank yourself reading it. The good thing about Big_K's blog it's highly appealing to eyes though use of external gadgets and visuals are not there. The thing i disliked, the main page navigation letters aren't capital, no navigation option for older posts and slow update rate.

Rank 6:
This position goes to Rajan for his post Everything In This World Is Connected on his blog Virtual Helper. Rajan is better known as ComputerIdiot on Crazy Engineers. This post would have been placed at rank first, the only reason it fall down because i felt the article was left with incomplete explanation. The good thing about Rajan is though his visitors are less Rajan never fails to update his blog regularly with quality stuff, no crap at all though posts remain random. Rajan's blog isn't that appealing but not disappointing at all. After having a look on his blog you will feel he is really a self motivated blogger. The only thing i disliked in his blog is too many posts on same page, it would be better if he makes posts number 2-3 to appear on main page. Many of you might complain his blog doesn't have main page navigation and i haven't complained but please have a careful look you'll find there is no need at all.

Rank 7:
This position goes to Madhav'sBlog's post Jor Ka Jhatka. I think Madhav should be placed at rank first for most appealing blog. The only problem Madhav suffers is, there is no navigation to older blog posts, rest he is just a cool blogger reading whom will give you a lite time.

Rank 8:
Position eighth goes to Ankita(better known as AbraKaDabra on Crazy Engineers) for his post Discipline is not Overrated on his blog Junkyard. For look appeal of blog Ankita have a tie with Madhav. I think there's improper arrangement of gadgets on her blog, no navigation links to older posts and damn slow update rate.

So above are my hit article list for October, i hope my visitor will love reading people i read.

Story Of Many

One of my face book friend sent me this story i thought it's worth sharing with you all, i hope you'll like it

A primary school teacher asks her students to write an essay about what they would like god to do for them. At the end of the day, while marking the essays, she read one that made her very emotional. Her husband who had just walked in,sees her crying.

He asks her:"what happened?"

She answers, "read this. It is one of my students essays"

'Oh god, 2nite I ask u something very special: Make me into a television.I want to take its place and live like the TV in my house.Have my own special place, and have my family around me. To be taken seriously when I talk....I want to be the centre of attention and be heard without interruptions or questions. I want to receive the same special care that the TV receives even when it is not working. Have the company of my dad when he arrives home from work, even when he's tired. And I want my mom to want me when she's upset and sad, instead of ignoring me....I want my brothers to fight to be with me. And last but not the least, ensure that I can make them all happy and entertain them......Lord I don't ask for much.....I just want to live like a TV.'

At that moment the husband said:
"My god, poor kid. What horrible parents!"

The wife then looked up to him and said:
"The essay is our son's."

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