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India All Set To Make Itself Bankrupt

I don’t doubt there might be any nation which does not have corruption but I want to know to what extent. Telgi Stamp Scam, Corruption of 100s of crore in Common Wealth Games now 2G Scam. Till now more than 1000s crore has been wasted that Indian people pay as tax in such scams. Not only this but our politicians take 5 foreign tours every year with their families with all privileges included means again more than 100 crore. Now on name of enquiry parliament is getting adjourned several times. Today it got adjourned for 21st time, if you know that for every session government spends several crore that means if any parliament session gets adjourned means several crore get wasted, according to it till now due to adjourned parliament on 2G scam more than 100 crore payed by Indian tax payers got wasted.

If you can figure out what I mean to say, you will be shocked to know due to above things India has wasted more than 1,00,000 crore this year just on scams and parliament, if this number are for this year only then to what extent of money has been spent unnecessarily during all these years just on parliament and still none of the guilty has been punished nor they will be. Still all Indians not only trust all those corrupt people but next year we see them on sit of power. Want to know on what other things we are wasting money on, protecting criminals, giving unworthy persons job just because we or someone among our known person requests for him, election promotions and celebration after winning and then spending bonus 100s crore to publicize this has been done.

The big thing is not what is told above, the real big thing is its common man of India who pays this money as tax for development of his country which he hardly sees anywhere. In spite of having resources, economy  and worthy people we are facing job problems because its we who pay electricity bills, telephone bills, road tax, property tax and everything and they(politicians and their families) don’t pay a penny though they spend and own more than we can ever have. I started hating democracy in my country because my people don’t know what democracy really is, they have studied it as theory but they hardly know it. We as countrymen of Indian are all set to make India bankrupt and just discus like me that we are making ourself bankrupt. Welcome to new India where people themselves are trying to make their own country bankrupt and lets celebrate its economy which will highly get affected due to this unawareness.

My Blog Hit List November

Its 10th of month and its time for declaration of last months best blogs according to me. So here’s my listing for month of November. I hope you’ll like it.

Position 1 goes to the Last Letter:
I don’t know about the blogger who wrote it but its worth reading.

Position 2 goes to Mind Vs Heart on Abhishek’s Blog:
Mind Vs Heart shows battle of man’s mind with himself to decide what’s right in-spite  of what his feelings are.

Position 3 goes to 11th November on Bikram’s Blog:
11th November is Bikram’s birthday and his this post tells us how a person can receive a cute gift without anything being gift packed.

Position 4 goes to Another Good Article on Virtual Helper:

Position 5 goes to 8 Keys To Internet Security on Parul Khanna’s Blog:

Position 6 goes to A Story Must Read on Cool Twins Blog:

Position 7 goes to Reported Attack Site on Goyal’s Blog:

Position 8 goes to Life Of Software Engineer On Technorama Blog:

Position 9 goes to Web Browser Bookmark again on Technorama Blog:

Position 10 goes to How To Write Good Movie And Soap Script on Big_K’s Super Blog:

Facebook Hacking Tools Compared

Facebook Hacking Tools Compared

I don’t know why but people really getting mad behind facebook cracking softwares. Most of those softwares that claim to break into facebook are just fake pieces of code. The day I posted “Facebook Vs Facebooz” it got so many hits that made me write this another part to facebook hacking tool. Here we will cover some other facebook hacking tools other than facebooz, if you want to read about facebooz please visit this article “Facebook Vs Facebooz”. Here we will compare some other tools than facebooz.

1. Hell And High Water Facebook Cracker:
It another dictionary based hacking tool just as Facebook Freezer or Facebooz. All you have to do is just load password list along with User Id and the software tries until it succeeds and if the victim had kept a strong password like this “m2Fw”9a1)) there’s no way this software can crack it with billions of attempts. Next thing is its damn slow, no doubt it works but your list doesn’t contain the word which is password after millions of attempts you will just scratch your hairs. Our verdict its its awesome if victim is fool and junk if you are fool.
2. F-Cracker Or Facebook Cracker:
I tried to download it from several different resources and every time when i opened it it got caught as mal-ware. I disabled my Anti-Virus and then tried once again it appeared and disappeared in fractions of seconds then I checked open ports using “netstat” command and I found its not any facebook cracker its just a malware to lure you. So next time when you see F-Cracker be sure its malware.

3.Facebook Password Decryptor
The thing that actually works is this software but you’ll need physical access to victim’s computer. This software tries to exploit inbuilt password safe of browser installed on victim’s computer to get password. Note that it works only if the password is stored in browser’s password safe or in any password management utility.
So at last what we can say that dictionary based attack may not work on everyone and the next one needs physical access on victim’s computer, by the way if you had got physical access why you need running a cracking software, better install key-loggers. As per my view is concerned currently no attack is better than shoulder surfing to facebook cracking. I hope these reviews solves your facebook cracking mystery. Your comments and criticism both are welcome thanks for visiting.

That’s What We Call Security.

Before I describe you the real thing following is the term you must know.

Presiding Officer: The officer who controls security while elections on spot is known as Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer controls security with help of Police men at places where voting process are on.

Recently one of my uncles got freed from a charge of secrecy violation during voting process. He was Presiding Officer on the spot where elections were going on. As he got freed of charge he was happy and celebrated it with his best friend, my father. When I asked how he got charged for secrecy violation. Then he told me, on the name of security he was given one police constable and a school scout now tell me how you will stop a huge mob of 15-20 people who come there just to take advantage of our helplessness.

Many of you might not be knowing except those places where media coverage is available this is the security we have during elections. My uncle’s mistake was he was unable to stop those people misbehaving during elections with a scout student and a single constable. He managed to clear case in court by proving he never had that much police force to stop 15-20 people and there’s no way three people can stop them. We as general people residing in India don’t know what is X-level security, Y-Level security or Z-level security but as far as we have seen so far, That’s What We Call Security.

50th Post

Hello Guys today is day when I am posting my 50th post on my blog. If you have recently started reading my blog and think it’s some how interesting then I want to share with you my top 10 favorite posts so far I have written for this blog. I hope you may find them as good as my friends and I do. So here’s the list,

1.The New Guy In The Town
This was my very first post on this blog.

2.The Rule Breaker
This was my first post written and posted when a reader requested me to write our this life experience and share with you all. This was the post from which my blog got eyes of people. So if you really want to know why you are reading my blog then please read this.

3.Truth Beyond Reality
My this post from the day I posted it always remained all time favorite of my visitors, uncovering people’s view, it is one of those blog after reading which many people started reading my blog.

4.100% Lawful
For some some months after “Truth Beyond Reality” I had stopped blogging due to non-availability of Internet connection and I started once again with this article. This is some controversial kinda post ever appeared on my blog. Read it I know you’ll love it.

5.India:As The World Can See It
After this my blog got little international exposure, if you are the one who is not from India might be one of those people who have started reading my blog when you got this on google.

6.The Dog Who Became An Engineer
This post portrays one of the comic incidence that happened in my college.

7.Politics, Population, Low Literacy Not Responsible For India Still Undeveloped
This post is excerpt of discussion once going on Crazy Engineers must read specially Indians.

8.Social Evil Returns
This blog is about how blind faith and beliefs are building them self again in India and how much crime rate has increased due to it. 

9.Story Of Many
Is story once sent to me by one of my facebook friends must read for all.

10.This Is Scam
In this post I uncovered how to find out the site is scam site or not. In two days it appeared in popular all time and now ranks first. I am really happy my this post is helping people all around globe to detect about scam sites. I don’t know but most of you might be reading this blog just because one day you were surfing and found this article.
No matter what made you find this blog and read my posts I am happy because it took me more than half year to get that number of readers on my Hits Counter. It was some time when I have not given up though I hadn’t even got 100 hits and it was more than two months(So if you feel like laughing on that thing, please laugh aloud because i know till that much time people make more than 500 hits). Even today I get only 40-50 hits everyday some times less to 15-25 or sometimes as high as 100-120, I love blogging. So no matter I get few readers or damn huge number of reader I am not gonna quit blogging, may people like reading me or not. If you are the one who visits me and likes my posts, you are welcome, thank you and you are comments are most welcome and if not then sorry I never said waste your time with me, even your comments are welcome but please don’t go offensive. Thanks for visiting, your comments and suggestions are welcome take care and have a nice time. 

Sorry I can't place this post in rank, I don't know why but as you read my blog I surely want you to read this post, "Change In Time"

Delay My Startup

Hi guys I found an awesome tool that can solve all your Windows startup time problem. Sometimes you might need some programs to start as soon as you log on. But it comes with a penalty that is slow booting. Here is a program that will help you solve slow boot problem by delaying startup of programs while booting guaranteeing speedy boot along with successful lauch of each desired program. The name of tool is “Startup Delayer”, it is free and can be downloaded from Here I am going to show you how you can configure tool to delay startup programs and decrease boot time.

Following shows list of programs that are currently kept to start with log on, please note that never delay anti-virus program it may lead to several false positives regarding malware detection, so don’t delay anti-virus.

Now think which program should start first, then right click on that program and select edit,

Now select time for delay, as per my recommendation maintain 10 seconds gap between launch of applications, finally it’ll look like this

Click on SD tab and select “Invisible Version”. Now when you’ll boot next time you’ll find decrease in boot time and all programs launched without problem.

Real Way:Making Money Online-III-Selection Of Platform and Backup

Now we are to the third topic in row here we are going  to discus which platform is better to start. I found many people bluffing around blogger platform is best and wordpress platform is best, they have their own plus points over each platform. The fact is that there are dozens of blogging platforms each having its own plus and negative points and last thing is its just your selection which platform to select from. People bluffing around my platform is best just because it looks professional makes them look fool and i found most of the wordpress users bluffing about that. A ready made template just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s professional if you’ll have a careful look most of wordpress blogs just appear mirrors of each others.

Many people told me to migrate to wordpress but I was reluctant since I started blogging with blogger. But when so much buzz around I got tempted to migrate to wordpress and at last what I found it was just personal view. What I found people got tempted to ready made cool templates and lots of gadgets to chose from but it never meant blogger is somewhere less because blogger had given people independence to make their free templates and gadgets so if you want something different search for them on net and you’ll beat wordpress in number of templates, gadgets and customization because developers love full right of customization and they did exploit opportunity. But there are equal drawbacks of blogger to wordpress, first blogger does not have traceback instead it have backlinks which s**ks, importing posts option is limited to blogger only and commenting method is not as good as wordpress.

What I’ll suggest is to create account on both platforms with same names and use blogger as base blog on which you’ll post frequently and use wordpress as backup blog since it allows importing of posts from any blogging platform. Weekly import posts and comments from blogger to wordpress so that your previous posts if accidently gets deleted then you can have backup somewhere safe. It might happen someone got your password to blogger and he destroys all your work to take revenge what you’ll do then this is where your backup will pay. Just leave a link to migrated wordpress platform on blogger and your visitors will never ever know that you got hacked. Next time we’ll cover how to keep your blog interesting so that people should keep visiting. Thank you for visiting, your comments are most welcome.

About 'I'

From quite sometime I am also writing articles for CE-VoiCE blog. Usually I send mail to CE-admin encompassing an article as an attachment. Yesterday i received an e-mail in which they asked me to use ‘I’ instead of ‘i’. While typing I usually never press shift because all those things gets automatically checked by text editor itself spellings get corrected, all hyphens and grammatical stuff get automatically corrected on single click. So to check whether I really did that mistake I opened my Writter and I found it’s dictionary and thesaurus is not working, I searched online and found many people having same problem with newer edition of OpenOffice suite is my favorite office suite since I was in college but it never gave me such problem. It’s very first time OpenOffice failed to check spelling and grammar. I tried to get solution and I found nothing to be working so finally I un-installed it. After un-installation it opened a web page for feedback which had only four questions.

I provided with feedback along with some details which they asked for. After that I downloaded AbiWord v2.8 and now will use it until new version of is out with working dictionary module. Faulty dictionary and thesaurus module might be some bug that got shipped with but that is not the matter, the real coincidence is that some days ago I wrote an article “Shipped Without Bugs” for VoiCE blog using a which was shipped with bugs.

Following is copy of feedback form.

Real Way:Making Money Online-II

So we are now to the next topic of Real Way:Making Money Online. Before we proceed if you haven’t read previous topic please read it then head here. Visit this link to read first part of this topic,
Real Way:Making Money Online

In this section we will discus who can Blog and How. The answer to WHO is anyone and the answer to HOW can’t be really explained without example which kinda blog you want to start. So lets start with most common examples.

Suppose you want to start a Computer Geek blog, then you must be available with possible newer information every-time you post. To keep yourself updated with new technology join biggest public library in your area and try to read at least three different computer magazines completely so that you can stay updated also join some other geek sites. Also try to introduce tips and tricks related to computing at regular intervals and share your personal view on every new technology introduced as soon as possible.

Suppose you want to start a Science blog then again join biggest library in your locality and try to read at least three of them completely, join different science groups online and keep your eyes regularly on Science channels like “Discovery” and “National Geographic”. Try to introduce facts that hardly someone might be knowing to increase your hit rate. Stay updated and also discus older science related topic. The more flexible approach you’ll use the more interesting your blog will appear.

You are a shop keeper and want to start your own blog then its better to start with a blog related to shopping. You can share and discus about new products as well as interesting interaction with your customers. Regularly post new price charts and make people aware of new products available in your shop. For publicity you’ll just have to put URL of your blog on receipt of products that your customer will take with them. Any shop keeper may be mobile shop owner, electronic gadgets shop owner, car shop owner, supermarket owner even vegetable blog can make progress.

Students can start blog to express and discus there school and college related problems and work. Senior students can help several junior students by sharing their tips related to studies with their junior students.

If you are banker or a person related to financial field you can share banking/finance related news and views on your blog including their effects of different aspects on nation’s economy, as prices hikes and drops on daily basis you’ll never face problem with contents. if you are a journalist you can start your own News blog and share secret behind every news and tell people the truth. People tend to know more about controversies over news. Take advantage of your job to make contents more interesting.

Women can start blog to share and solve their problems. It may include all family and friends related problems, share your tips with other womens about beauty, cooking and family management. Technical and women blog usually get more hits than any other blog.

If you are a book lover and like reading novels like stuff. Read books and share your reviews with others.You can also start you personal blog. A personal blogger never gets problem to get content just because he just have to discus his/her daily life. You can share your daily work, experiences and views on people. In fact as a personal blogger you are free to wonder among as many contents as you want from science and technology to home and cooking and then come back again to normal discussion.

As explained above absolutely anyone can blog. But as we want to blog to make some income don’t hurry up before we cover all topics. Next time when we’ll meet we will cover about which platform to select and keep your blog interesting. If anytime you feel the information I am sharing here isn’t worth you can stop reading and have full authority no never look back. You can share your comments with us if you want, see you later.

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