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Real Way:Making Money Online-III-Selection Of Platform and Backup

Now we are to the third topic in row here we are going  to discus which platform is better to start. I found many people bluffing around blogger platform is best and wordpress platform is best, they have their own plus points over each platform. The fact is that there are dozens of blogging platforms each having its own plus and negative points and last thing is its just your selection which platform to select from. People bluffing around my platform is best just because it looks professional makes them look fool and i found most of the wordpress users bluffing about that. A ready made template just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s professional if you’ll have a careful look most of wordpress blogs just appear mirrors of each others.

Many people told me to migrate to wordpress but I was reluctant since I started blogging with blogger. But when so much buzz around I got tempted to migrate to wordpress and at last what I found it was just personal view. What I found people got tempted to ready made cool templates and lots of gadgets to chose from but it never meant blogger is somewhere less because blogger had given people independence to make their free templates and gadgets so if you want something different search for them on net and you’ll beat wordpress in number of templates, gadgets and customization because developers love full right of customization and they did exploit opportunity. But there are equal drawbacks of blogger to wordpress, first blogger does not have traceback instead it have backlinks which s**ks, importing posts option is limited to blogger only and commenting method is not as good as wordpress.

What I’ll suggest is to create account on both platforms with same names and use blogger as base blog on which you’ll post frequently and use wordpress as backup blog since it allows importing of posts from any blogging platform. Weekly import posts and comments from blogger to wordpress so that your previous posts if accidently gets deleted then you can have backup somewhere safe. It might happen someone got your password to blogger and he destroys all your work to take revenge what you’ll do then this is where your backup will pay. Just leave a link to migrated wordpress platform on blogger and your visitors will never ever know that you got hacked. Next time we’ll cover how to keep your blog interesting so that people should keep visiting. Thank you for visiting, your comments are most welcome.

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