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Last week my sister called home and asked for some documents she might need for submitting her free ship form. From that day my father is wandering here and there to make all those documents before submission date. Yesterday i went with him to tehsil office to help him because he also had some office work there. It had been 5 years since i visited One Window to Tehsil office. The only thing that changed during these 5 years is rush that always persist there for creating documents for submission. It has increased very much from my last visit. Standing for hours for submitting documents then waiting for receiving the new documents remains common scenario for everyone there. I waited for four hours in line to submit and then called back today to receive it. Document creating and submitting procedure always remained very complex and its complexity increases year after year and i still question why. Number of documents you need to submit for anything increases every year and the time you spend to make and submit them also increases.

When i use to submit my free-ship forms in college i have to submit several documents. From first year to final year, every time when i have to submit documents for free-ship the documents in my hands used to be more than previous year. The more documents you have in your hand the more problem is that if one of them is erroneous then you may have to re-create them once again and then submit once again, face same fate of standing again in lines for submitting then receiving and then submitting. While in final year i had nearly 15-20 different documents in my hand while i was standing in line to submit it for free-ship. So let's try to recall some of them,

  • Free-ship form
  • Caste Certificate
  • Caste Validity Certificate
  • Domicile and Nationality
  • Declaration Of Caste And Income
  • Income Certificate
  • Verification Certificate
  • District Transfer Certificate if any
  • 12th Passing Certificate
  • A4 form
  • Last year's result photocopy
  • Backlog clearance verification if any
  • Special preference entry form
  • etc.

It's hard to even recall all of them and if even one of them would have been erroneous then i have to re-create it which again would be job with headache. While transferring if they forgot to send anyone of the documents or misplaced it, then it's again your task to manage that problem. Procedure to your free-ship can halt just by single misplaced document or form and hence i titled this post DOCUMENTS AND DOCUMENTS EVERYWHERE STILL PROCEDURE REMAINS INCOMPLETE.


Do you think mathematics is boring, then you might not be the one to think so. There are many but there are some people who know how to make it interesting. Wanna know how scroll down...

So what's your opinion now.


This Tuesday my parents decided to give a visit to my maternal uncle, since my studies are on i was left with no option than stay at home and get my job done. They left for Nagpur early in the morning and i was left at home alone. I think it was 2 or 3 pm when i had my look on all my favorite websites and i got call from my friend and he told me, “Newer version of MySQL database server is available go and download new version”, since the one i had, was downloaded months ago. Since my connection is slow i can hardly open sites when i put something on download so i left MySQL on download and went to the middle room for nap.

When i woke and what is see......DARKNESS EVERYWHERE. It was load shedding, everything around was dark and i wasn't able to see properly. I sat there for sometime and suddenly i felt now i can see a little. I went to the front room taking support from sidewall and sat on sofa. After a minute or two my mobile phone beeped and i got it is kept just in front of me. I picked it up and searched for torch. I found torch and then returned to front room then i lay ed down on sofa and switched off torch and it was dark again.

This darkness now reminded me of my first year of college. I used to stay in dorm and my room partner Avinash Sagle and i shared room on last floor Room No.219. It was 7.00 pm evening i was alone in my dorm room and condition was similar, LOAD SHEDDING. Avinash came to room with Samadhan Sanap(he is also a friend of mine), he asked me what i am doing alone in the darkness. I replied, “I am having rest since it's dark everywhere.”. He asked me for breakfast and i agreed (of course i am not that dumb to avoid free breakfast). I asked him to wait for a minute meanwhile he burned a candle and i went to bathroom to get fresh. When i returned, he asked me to wait while he returns from bathroom. He went out of the door, then called me out. I asked, “What happened ?”, he replied, “How you managed to go bathroom its very dark here.”. Sorry i forgot to mention our room was in the middle of the hostel and bathroom was on the last corner. “It's kinda daily routine for us to go to same bathroom, so i easily managed to go near bathroom and there's already light coming from window pane there. Just move on and nothing will happen.”. For a while he looked at me then looked towards that dark side. Then he came inside, switched on his Mobile's torch and went to the bathroom. I can't still figure out, he did a smart thing or i did a dumb thing, anyways breakfast was free.

After a while i recalled this incident load shedding was over and i switched on lights. So far as i can remember i never had any problems staying alone nor i faced any problems due to darkness during load shedding. After first year of my college i opted to stay alone. Whenever there used to be load shedding at night people used to come out and wait for it to get over while i used to sleep in my room without any problem. Though alone i never feared darkness may it home, may it be college and i never had any problem to stay ALONE IN THE DARK.

1000+ Now

On last Saturday i wrote an article “Social Evils Returns” and planned to post it on Sunday. So on Sunday when i posted it up and had my look on status, i was happy to see i had completed 1000 hits on my blog. That was really good to see having got 1000 hits.

I created my account for blogger on 10th or 12th of May his year, by the way i was nerd to blogger that time and i took my time to understand its features. I posted my first post, “The New Guy In The Town” on 6th June 2010. On same day i also posted, “The Biggest Dog” and “Fear Now Face It”. I mailed nearly all of my friends about starting a blog, initially only few of my friends used to visit and sometimes they also used to leave comments for me. Traffic was quite slow that time and i haven't made even 100 hits till July but most of friends had their favorite article, “The Biggest Dog”. Most of my friends put me some words of praise on this article. I also have an another blog, “Part In Me” there i use to post some poems that i wrote while on high school. On July 13th one of my friends replied to my poem “Yes I Do This Crime” to post an incident which should be based on the theme of that poem. And on 15th of July “The Rule Breaker” got on wire. And all of sudden i started getting several hits, my friends started mailing that article to their friends and asked them to read and on that time i really started getting traffic and the cheap counter code that i picked from web got mad and started showing some random numbers, i got paid to listen my reader. After posting an article , “Truth Beyond Reality” i stopped writing further since i had no Internet connection for sometime then.

On October first week I wrote an article, “100% Lawful” and asked some of the website to publish it but they declined to publish it as it appears controversial. So i decided it's time to get back to blogger and i published it there, since i haven't updated it for months i had lost my viewership, most of my loyal reader of that time haven't yet returned. By the way i hoped their return and continued writing further. The hot on list was, “Truth Beyond Reality”, this post itself contributed to 10% hits to total hits i have till now. On other hand i heard some people are debating on the contents of article on Zorpia. Other 10% is contributed by these articles “The Dog Who Became An Engineer” and “The Rule Breaker ”. “India:As The World Can See It” gave 5% of traffic till now.

Who Contributed To Traffic:
Overall 80% of my visitors are from India, 10% from US and rest 10% from other countries. Following are the list of countries in order from highest visitors to lowest visitors,
  1. India
  2. US
  3. Netherlands
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. UK
  8. Germany
  9. Denmark
  10. Malaysia
Other countries than India started visiting my blog just after “100% Lawful”. I thank all my visitor for visiting and hope their further visits. Your comments can help me improve the quality of blog, so please don't hesitate to comment. Comments are most welcome and will help me improve. Thank You once again.

Who Bought Me Traffic:
Following are sites which bought this blog traffic(from highest to lowest )
I thank all these guys for providing me with traffic that contributed 1000+ hits to my blog and hope your further visits. Thank You once again and please keep visiting.


Last month as usual i was reading news on internet and i found this,
After reading this i am shocked to see, crimes like rapes get hidden behind marriage of victim with subject and that also happens in urban areas. The boy most of the time gives only this reason that he loves that girl and did this to get married with her and our law also accepts the deal and the girl marries to her rapist. How shameful, this act is, raping a girl you love just because she should be left with no option than marrying you. I will not even dream to do such henious crime against the girl i love and no matter if she don't want to marry me i can always love her. I tried to find out what is the current status of such crimes in India and again it was surprise, as the time is moving ahead such crimes are increasing. Not only this type of social evil is taking pace, crimes like child marraiges and honor killings also increased to a very high level. Here is what i found,

Year 2006:

-Girls nude rally incidents on name of honor, religion and god was 300+ reported, real number might be greater.
-If you count whole world India is among the country in which 40% child marraiges are reported.
-Honor Killings on name of god, religion, familiy, 2000+ cases reported every year. Original number might be greater.

Year 2010:

-Girls nude rally on name of god, religion 600+ cases reported just for Northern India, original number might be greater. Its not that reporting increased but the number of such incidents increased.
-As per reports 60% child marriage cases reported. Again increase in such incidents.
-Honor Killings on name of god, religion, family, 3000+ cases reported since 2008 every year. Again increase.

And finally a report, that was featured on Star Plus and Star News on 15th Aug 2010, that was our Independence day.
And finally find articles on family laws in India

So what might be the reason there is so much increase in such cases in these years. So far as i know there are increase in TV soaps that potray all this things are right to do. And belive it or not this is 100% true. Now a days soaps of “in-laws on” TV is very high, the hype not even left news channels away. The only difference on TV on 2006 and 2010 is that in 2006 Zee TV, Star Plus and Sony Television had such TV soaps but today neary each entertainment channel is flooded with same kind of TV soaps. They directly or indirectly are promoting wrong values to people via TV soaps like Balika Vadhu(Promoting Child Marriages), Baat Hamari Pakki He(Promoting forceful marriage of youths). I don't know more but have seen people talking about such things everyday and also their advertisementa are enough to know what is going inside the silly box. They not only promote such type of things but they also show their verdict is correct. In this four years only wrong things usually got promoted on televison which was hot favorite to all Indian women, and today not only to women now even boys are taking interest on such silly things. Women became so mad for those silly TV shows that they are becoming reason of divorce in modern India. Have Indian women lost their minds.

Many of the one who watch those shows will say we just watch it for entertainment and we don't take anything from it. For them is my following explanation.

Have you ever seen any kid watching dance shows and one day you found, he can dance like those on television. This is not miracle, if the kid likes the show he tries to imitate it and thus be learns everything without his own knowlegde. Human brain just learns in same way, whether you are child or adult you learn this way indirectly. So if you are the one who is really liking those shows it means you are learning. A human brain is most powerful thing one can ever imagine of, all awareness you have is dilivered by your brain in form of signals, at very consious level a human can differentiate at most 40 signals at a time but the fact is that your brain is capable to process more than 100 million signals per second, that means you never knew how many things you are learning everyday. We don't even know how much smart we are. A person if losses his memory only forgets those things for which he keeps himself aware of and hence he forgets only people, qualifications and other such things but never forgets how to speak, write, drive or operate computers.”.

If you like things which are wrong means you are learning them and you are loving to learn wrong and only you are inviting wrong values in society and like this only Social Evils Are Returning Once Again.

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